This Stall Serves A Mouth-Watering Bowl Of Pig Trotter Noodles At Bendemeer Market

Bendemeer Food Centre and Market is no doubt home to many scrumptious food. Food like Fried Carrot Cake, Lor Mee, and Glutinous Rice are some of the go-to’s for patrons of the hawker centre. Another dish that people will soon be adding to their list is Pig Trotter Noodles from Mei Si Noodles. Serving up a delectable bowl of pig trotters with your favourite meepok or meekia, this is a dish you simply can’t miss out on!

Scrumptious Pig Trotter Noodles At Bendemeer Market

Photo: Yan Hua (Facebook)
Image: Yan Hua (Facebook)

Situated at Bendemeer Food Centre and Market lies this underrated noodle stall that serves a delicious and mouth-watering bowl of pig trotter noodles. Although Mei Si Noodles only opened last year in July, they have already garnered quite a loyal following of customers and a queue is a regular sight to see daily.


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Mei Si’s Pig Trotter Noodles ($5), is certain to make you drool upon first sight. Just one look at the pork and you can see the fats glistening right back at you, a perfect indication you are in for a treat. For the noodles, you can choose between meepok or meekia. The noodles are al dente and soaks up the gravy from the pork, making every slurp an explosion of flavour. The gravy and the sauce mix of the noodles are well balanced, making every bite delightful to your tastebuds.

The pig trotter is soft, tender, and full of flavour. Additionally, the collagen-filled skin has the perfect amount of fats and every bite simply melts in your mouth. The mushrooms add another depth of umami and the texture complements the noodles nicely. To make your dish even better, you can add fried pork lard for extra flavour and crunch. Additionally, those who love their innards can also add pork liver for further enjoyment.

Photo: Mei Si Noodles (Facebook)

Try Mei Si Noodles Now!

Besides Pig Trotter Noodles, Mei Si also serves an array of other dishes like handmade Fish Ball Noodles and Bak Chor Mee.  As there is usually a queue and they close at 2 pm, do head down early before they’re sold out! Hurry down and try it now!

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Address: 29 Bendemeer Road, Bendemeer Food Centre, #01-01, Singapore 330029

Operating Hours: Tues – Sun , 5:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Yan Hua (Facebook)

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