Krispy Kreme X Nestlé Launches Four New Exclusive Doughnut Flavours Made With KitKat Till April 30!

Good news, Krispy Kreme has collaborated with Nestlé and released four new exclusive flavours made with KitKat till April 30. Indulge in irresistible Chocolate Craze doughnuts made with the iconic KitKat of crispy wafer fingers covered in deliciously smooth milk chocolate.


Krispy Kreme X Nestle Exclusive Collaboration

The collaboration between KitKat and Krispy Kreme celebrates the proud innovations of both brands, which have captured the hearts of billions for more than 80 years, marking a significant milestone in the confectionery world.

These delectable doughnuts will be available for a limited time at all Krispy Kreme outlets islandwide, priced at $3.90 each for now till April 30.

Indulge In Four Delectable Flavours

1. Chocolate Coffee

Enjoy Krispy Kreme’s ring doughnut filled with fragrant speculoos coffee latte cream, glazed with dark chocolate cream and white chocolate, and garnished with a sprinkling of latte coffee powder and a classic KitKat finger.

2. Chocolate Nut

This delectable creation tantalizes the palate with a delightful array of flavours and textures. The fluffy ring doughnut is filled with velvety smooth speculoos coffee latte cream, topped with a generous drizzle of dark chocolate and white chocolate, and completed with the nutty notes of hazelnuts and crushed graham crackers.


3. Marble Strawberry

indulge in a burst of delicious strawberry custard inside the dark chocolate glazed ring doughnut, topped with adorable KitKat bites for a delightful crunch.


4. Matcha Chocolate 

Matcha lovers will love this soft and pillowy doughnut stuffed with matcha cream filling, glazed with matcha icing, and finished with a matcha KitKat finger.


Hurry down to your nearest Krispy Kreme outlet from now till April 30! 

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