KFC At PLQ Mall Launching The Ultimate Burger Takeover From April 26 To 28, Featuring The New Extra Tasty Crispy (ETC) Burger!

From tomrrow till Sunday, KFC will be turning their outlet at PLQ Mall into a chicken burger haven for three days. Renowned for being the fried chicken expert, they are making a bold move by serving only chicken burgers at their PLQ Mall outlet during this period. This ultimate burger takeover is part of the launch of their new Extra Tasty Crispy Burger (ETC Burger), meticulously crafted and perfected over 12 months of R&D.


The Ultimate Burger Takeover At PLQ Mall 

Not only do visitors get the first taste of the new ETC Burger before it is made available in outlets islandwide from April 29, but they also get to enjoy a complete KFC experience with photo-worthy installations, limited edition merchandise, and fun games to win exclusive goodies. 

The Ultimate Burger Takeover at PLQ Mall will feature six touchpoints showcasing KFC’s dedication to chicken burgers: 

  • Show your love for burgers at the ETC Burger Tattoo Sticker Corner where temporary tattoos await.

  • A new outlet signage #Chicken_Burgers by KFC showcases its commitment to providing the best chicken burgers.

  • Meet the gigantic ETC Burger and get an up-close look at every delicious detail, from bun to fillet and ingredients used.

  • Commemorate the experience with a photo taken against the insta-worthy ETC Box Wall of Fame.

  • Test your skills against the Claw Machine to win exclusive merchandise, printed t-shirts, and more!


  • Tell your own ETC Burger story against a backdrop of storytelling panels and props creating a memorable and interactive experience for visitors.

Indulge In The New ETC Burger

KFC is committed to serving better burgers, not only by upgrading their food ingredients but also by investing nearly a million dollars to enhance their burger stations. These stations will be installed in more than half of the KFC outlets in Singapore, aiming to streamline cooking and preparation methods for their chicken burgers.

Enjoy a revamped lineup of chicken burgers – including the ETC Burger ($7.45 ala carte). Sink your teeth into fluffy glazed sesame or brioche buns, freshly breaded ETC chicken fillet, crunchy pickles, crisp lettuce, and a secret sauce. This delicious burger is non-spicy and suitable for both children and adults who don’t eat spicy food. 


The ETC Burger will be available islandwide from April 29 but visitors to the Ultimate Burger Takeover in PLQ Mall from April 26 to 28 will get first dibs.

For those with hearty appetites, dive into the ETC Stacker ($8.30 ala carte) where you can satisfy your chicken burger cravings with an extra chicken fillet piled onto the already delicious ETC Burger, adding to the crispiness and crunchiness.


Adding to the stellar lineup is the new Smokey Hot Zinger ($7.95 ala carte), featuring a Signature Zinger fillet loaded with 100% chicken meat, smoky chicken bacon, cheddar cheese, and zesty fresh pickles, all topped off with KFC’s secret sauce and fiery sauce for an extra hot and spicy kick. Sandwiched between two soft brioche buns, it offers a fantastic combination of flavours and textures.

Of course, the classic bestselling Zinger ($6.95 ala carte) gets its upgrade too with an improved zinger fillet that is sandwiched between random-cut lettuce and glazed sesame bun. Option for a bigger serving comes in the form of the Zinger Stacker ($8 ala carte) where one gets double the zinger fillet and cheese to enhance the addictive zinger flavour. 

Not forgetting the classic bestselling Zinger ($6.95 ala carte), it too gets an upgrade with Zinger fillet nestled between random-cut lettuce and a glazed sesame bun. For those looking for a bigger serving, customers can opt for the Zinger Stacker ($8 ala carte) offering double the Zinger fillet and cheese to elevate the addictive Zinger flavour.

Furthermore, from April 29 onwards, enjoy KFC Shots with Cheese Dip ($6.95 ala carte; 5 pieces) alongside the burgers for an even more satisfying meal.

Terms & Conditions

1. Claw Machine at PLQ Mall 

  • Valid only from April 26 to 28, 11am to 10pm only at KFC PLQ Mall
  • 2 complimentary tokens with every purchase of ONE (1) burger meal
  • Redemption of the prizes must be done at the booth located in the outlet, between April 26 to 28, while stocks last.
  • Strictly no exchanging of prizes
  • Strictly no shaking of machine during the event

2. ETC Burger temporary tattoos at PLQ Mall

  • Valid only from April 26 to 28, 11am to 10pm only at KFC PLQ Mall
  • Limited to 2 tattoo per receipt, with any purchase 
  • Redemption must be done at the booth located in the outlet, between April 26 to 28, while stocks last.

3. 5pc KFC Shots with Cheese Dip

  • Valid from April 29 for a limited time only, while stocks last
  • Limited to 1 set per transaction for dine-in and takeaway orders
  • Not available at KFC Zoo, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Polytechnic

Hurry down to KFC at PLQ Mall from tomorrow onwards! 

Address: 10 Paya Lebar Rd, #B1-14, PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057

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