Hawker Stall in SG Helps Regular Customer Who Lost His Job By Offering Him To Be The Delivery Man!

Humanity Restored!

Amidst this unpredictable and horrible situation due to COVID-19, many have lost their jobs. Here is a touching story about a poor man, Ah Guai, who was a victim of this pandemic who was offered a job by Jun Yuan House Of Fish as an act of kindness!

Regular Customer Who Became Jobless, Is Now The Delivery Man For Jun Yuan House Of Fish!

This touching story of how with just a simple gesture, a poor, old, uneducated man with no skills was shown the greatest kindness in the world. Especially during tough times like this.

Photo: Jun Yuan House Of Fish (Facebook)

Ah Guai used to be a regular customer at Jun Yuan House Of Fish. Unfortunately, during this COVID-19 pandemic, he lost his job and source of income.

Upon learning about his plight, the owners decided to help Ah Guai out! Ah Guai had nothing much to offer, but he had a bike. Which was more than enough!

Together with Ah Guai, Jun Yuan House Of Fish will be providing customer delivery service within 1km of their Old Airport Road outlets at only $1/order! This simple yet kind gesture is simply to help Ah Guai to feed his family and earn some income during tough times like this.

A Simple Gesture, But A Big Change In Ah Guai’s Life!

Photo: @junyuanhouseoffish (Instagram)

If you want to show some support, all you have to do is message Jun Yuan House Of Fish (Old Airport Road) at 9321 1866 to place your order and have your food delivered by Ah Guai!

Address: Block 51, Old Airport Road #01-69, Singapore 390051

Contact: 9321 1866

Operating Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily 

Links: Facebook | Instagram 

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