NEW: Starbucks Singapore Releases Marble, Chrome & Monochrome Collection!

So Visually Appealing, Perfect For The Minimalist!

Starbucks Singapore just launched an all-new collection that is the total opposite of the Sakura series. This time, it’s Marble, Chrome, and Monochrome! The ultimate collection all you minimalist coffee drinkers have been waiting for.

All-New Marble, Chrome & Monochrome Mugs & Tumblers At Starbucks Singapore!

This minimalistic collection is now available at Starbucks outlets islandwide! Here are some of the designs that you can look forward to.

Starbucks Marble Print Tumblers

Photo: @starbuckssg (Instagram)

These marble tumblers come in a few different colors and designs. They have the black and rose gold marble, as well as the classic black and white marble swirl. They both come with straws and retail at $34.90/$36.90 for each 16oz tumbler!

Starbucks Chrome Tumblers & Mugs

Photo: @starbuckssg (Instagram)

These new chrome tumblers and mugs by Starbucks are just so aesthetically pleasing! For the chrome collection, there will be mugs and tumblers that come in 2 different sizes. The 12oz tumbler retails for $32.90, while the 16oz retails for $36.90. Lastly, the sleek black mug is going for $20.90!

Starbucks Monochrome Tumblers

Photo: @starbuckssg (Instagram)

These matte monochrome tumblers are probably my favorite! They have 2 different colors and both of different designs. Which means a total of 4 for you to choose from. However, the prices vary for each of the designs. The designs in matte black (from left to right) will cost you $36.90 and $34.90. While the designs in matte white (from left to right) will cost you $32.90 and $36.90.

Starbucks Metal & Plastic Bottle

Photo: @starbuckssg (Instagram)

This is probably the most different out of all the other designs. This new 16oz Starbucks bottle is perfect for bringing out, and you don’t have to worry about spillage! Also, having a visually appealing water bottle will encourage you to drink more water. So, why not grab it at Starbucks now at $39.90!

Grab The New Starbucks Collection Before They’re All Gone!

I’m sure these are going to be cleared off the shelves at Starbucks real quick. So you better get them soon before they’re all gone for good!

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