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TRENDING: A Full Strawberry Moon Will Appear in S’pore on June 6, 2020.


  • A full Strawberry Moon will appear this weekend!
  • The Strawberry Moon gets its name from the strawberry harvest season!
  • The moon will turn full at 3:12AM on Saturday, June 6th.

Astronomy enthusiasts: if you were too busy to enjoy the solar eclipse the last time it happened, fear not! Something new and exciting is happening in Singapore skies this weekend. That’s right, mark it on your calendars – a full Strawberry Moon will be gracing the heavens this Saturday (June 6th)!

Photo: @76prins (Instagram)
Photo: @mai_b_rok (Instagram)

The Strawberry Moon and Its Many Other Names

So where did this full moon get its name? Rather than stemming from the bright red we normally associate with strawberries, the name “Strawberry Moon” comes from its correlation to the short strawberry harvest season in northeastern North America. Interesting, right? Strawberry harvesters probably trudged home after a long day of picking strawberries to gaze at this full moon!

Photo: @vm_cesarphotography (Instagram)

It was the Algonquin tribes of America who first coined the name, but since then, people have given this phenomenon many other names. According to NASA, these names include gems like the “Rose Moon”, the “Mead Moon”, and our personal favourite, the “Honey Moon”! Travelling to other countries for your post-wedding trip might not be possible with the current COVID-19 situation, but why not gaze at the moon together this Saturday night? That’s equally romantic, right?

Alternatively, it’s also a fun family-bonding activity!

Save The Date – June 6th

So when exactly can you expect to see this Strawberry Moon? For Singapore, the moon will turn full at exactly 3:12 AM on June 6th, Saturday. Fret not, however – this doesn’t mean you need to set your alarm for 3AM! Unlike the fleeting solar eclipse we had last time, the Strawberry Moon is set to last for 3 days. You can view it without having to disrupt your sleep schedule!

We don’t know about you, but when the clock strikes 3:12AM on Saturday, we’re grabbing a snack and going to the nearest open window. So what are you waiting for? Mark the date on your calendars and join us!

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