This Hidden Gem At Chinatown Serves Must-Try Crispy Beef Noodles In Singapore!

Having a meal at Chinatown is always a good idea. With hidden gems in every corner, An Ji is the perfect spot to head to for some delicious Crispy Beef Noodles.


Noteworthy Crispy Beef Noodles In Singapore

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Have you ever heard of An Ji before? This humble stall is notable for all things fish head. As one of the oldest stalls serving fish head bee hoon, expect the broth to full of flavours. Made with evaporated milk, the noteworthy soup is smooth and silky, beautifully tying the fresh fish head and bee hoon together.

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But, we are not here for fish head bee hoon today. Instead, we are going to talk about crispy beef noodles, another staple at An Ji. Although it is well-regarded as a fish head specialist, the spotlight on crispy beef noodles is truly well-deserved.

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It turns out that making crispy noodles is not an easy task. It all starts with soaking the noodles to ensure it is well hydrated, before carefully cooking it again to make it crispy in every bite. It goes well with the marinated beef slices. Before mixing it all together, it is recommended to take a bite of the crispy noodles!

If you’re not a fan of beef, you will be excited to know that there are options for fish slices, too. What is going to be your pick?

An Ji At Chinatown Food Centre

Photo: @cknewsstand (Instagram)

Address: 335 Smith St, #02-193/194, Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Singapore 050335

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Wed, 11am to 2pm & 4pm to 8.30pm

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