Starbucks S’pore’s Alpaca Collection And Other Cute Merchandises Are Now Available

Making Their Adorable Way Into Our Hearts

Hello guys! Can ya’ll believe we’re actually approaching the end of August? Like, when did July even happen? Well, regardless of that, there’s only less then 4 months till 2020 so we gotta make the best of what we have right? In relation to the best, Starbucks S’pore always manages to tickle our love for all-things cute with their collection. This time, they launched the Alpaca Collection!

Starbucks S’pore Releases Latest Alpaca & Friends Collection

Today, the 26th of August 2019, Starbucks S’pore releases their latest alpaca-themed collection. Come on, we’re talking about alpaca! It’s a known fact that they are THE CUTEST, right?

Starbucks Alpaca Collection S'pore
Photo: @StarbucksSG (Facebook)

Mug Lid Set, 8oz: $59.90 | Middle, Mug, 12oz: $30.90 | Right, Tea Filter: $24.90

Furthermore, the alpaca design is in the form of a mug so now drinking just got a whole lot cuter. Also, there’s  a tea filter realised in the form of an alpaca and that will definitely have everyone swooning over. Note: the mug lid set is only available at selected Starbucks store, and here are the outlets.

Starbucks Alpaca Collection S'pore
Photo: @StarbucksSG (Facebook)

Mug with Magnets, 13oz: $49.90 Rainbow Raccoon Coaster: $32.90

In addition to that, there’s also a really cute mug with magnets as well as a rainbow raccoon coaster that impress us. Now, Starbucks has really up their game with this new collection, don’t you guys think?

Starbucks Alpaca Collection S'pore
Photo: @StarbucksSG (Facebook)

Stirrer with 4 magnetic tops: $22.90

If you think it ends here, you’re oh-so-wrong. Starbucks also releases a stirrer with 4 magnetic tops. The magnetic tops are so cute when you stir your drink, it’s as if they’re doing a little dance.

Well, now we’re done talking about the latest Alpaca & Friends Collection from Starbucks S’pore for the end of August. Did you guys know that they have previously launched the also super adorable Moon Rabbit Collection? That isn’t all, they even expanded the collection because all of us can’t resist the cuteness.

So, now that it’s available in-store, which would you be getting? Are you as indecisive as us and your plan is to get them all? Well, if so, see you in the nearest Starbucks outlet. Who knew drinking coffee would be this adorable? Till next time guys!

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