Starbucks’ Moon Rabbit Collection Features Tumblers With Adorable Bunny Prints

Hey, fam! We are back with another update from Starbucks. Just when we thought that their mooncakes casing are the cutest thing of all-time, they prove us wrong. The coffee giant has just dropped exclusive merchandises in conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is to die for! Check out Starbucks’ Moon Rabbit Collection Features Tumblers With Adorable Bunny Prints right here!

Moon Rabbit Collection from Starbucks S’pore

Little Mates

Photo: Starbucks S’pore (Website)

Look at it! Now, you can drink your coffee from a mug that is shaped like a bunny. We love all the details! Look at those bunny ears, tiny feet, and tiny tail. And, it appears that the bunny is blushing from the heat of your daily brew. It comes with saucer with a moon crescent printed on the edge, with a sprinkle of stars! Have your cup of stars, mates. It is $24.90 each.

Hello, Bunnies

Photo: Starbucks S’pore (Website)

Looking for bunny prints, but something a little more practical for daily use? These two are perfect for you. On the left, the tumbler comes in a transparent body, good for a pop of colour from your Frappuccinos. Or, have something hot that warms your soul with the tumbler on the right. The left tumbler is available at selected stores for $26.90, and the right is priced at $34.90!

Enchanted Night

Photo: Starbucks S’pore (Website)

Looking for something extra dreamy and less cute? Enchanted Night features the starry night sky, the moon, and small prints of bunnies. Choose your favourite, or have them all with three different types of bottles. Personally, we love the left one the most! The bottle of the left is available at selected stores for $24.90, the middle is priced at $21.90, and the last one is priced ar $22.90.

Moonlit Sky

Photo: Starbucks S’pore (Website)

Here’s to something that can make your day. There is just something about tiny snowglobes that makes us so happy. Moonlit Sky features the moon in three different phases! That’s not all. At the bottom, there’s a tiny snowglobe with a bunny in it. Of course, the bunny is looking up at the starry night sky. This tumbler is priced at $28.90!

Star Gazing

Photo: Starbucks S’pore (Website)

The final tumbler on the list is probably the classiest of them all. The blue bottle has really beautiful swirling clouds and tiny bunny ears poppin’ out of them. It goes without saying that there are beautiful dotted stars all over. It is such a dreamy tumbler, we love it so much! The perfect way to drink your Frappuccinos, right? Get it for $36.90.

Be Mid-Autumn ready with these tumblers!

Mid-Autumn may be months away, but we are sure that these tumblers won’t be here that long. It is so cute that we have a feeling that they will be flying off every Starbucks shelves as we speak. Apart from this, you can also get your hands on matching mooncakes for Mid-Autumn. It turns out that Starbucks S’pore is the one-stop spot for everything Mid-Autumn.

Check out Starbucks S’pore website right here. 

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