Starbucks’ Moon Rabbit Collection Has Expanded & It Is Cuter Than Before

We are always excited to see Starbucks’ latest drop. Just months before, Starbucks kept on expanding its sakura collection, and it gets better and better. You will be excited to know that the Moon Rabbit Collection is following the same suit. Starbucks has just announced on its website the newest collection, and it is so adorable. So cute, can’t breathe!

A Magical Encounter

Photo: Starbucks (Facebook) / previous drop

In the previous drop, there tumblers in all different shapes and sizes, with tiny bunny prints. Of course, there was a rabbit protruding bunny ears that took the center stage of the drop. Trust us, in the collection, there are all so cute, and it is hard to pick the best one! With three variations of tumblers, and four variations of mugs, this collection is single-handedly making all of us broke.

Full Moon

Photo: Starbucks (Website)

In Full Moon, these tumblers share the same prints as the previous drop. The only difference is the type of tumbler. So, if you have been wanting the print in these tumblers, you know what to do. It is finally here!

Left, 16oz: $44.90 (Only available at selected stores) Middle,12oz: $39.90. Right, 16oz: $25.90 (Only available at selected stores)

Little Bunny

Photo: Starbucks (Website)

Drink up all your coffee, and find a little bunny at the bottom of your mug. Or, have some tea and the bunny will be accompanying you all the way! It is so cute that the bunny is peeking from the bottom of the mug.

12oz: $26.90


Photo: Starbucks (Website)

Unlike everything else in this collection, this mug is semi-covered with pink colour tones, a cool contrast from the dark blue. You will find bunnies leaping, and they are even holding Starbucks’ iconic hot beverage cup.

12oz: $24.90


Photo: Starbucks (Website)

On the left, we have a mug with a bunny on the lid! It appears that another bunny is brewing some coffee on the mug as well. On the right, the mug set comes with a bunny’s tail as the holder, and a bunny sippin’ some coffee.

Left, 12oz: $32.90 (Only available at selected stores) Right, 6oz mug set: $42.90 (Only available at selected stores)

Are you excited for the Mid-Autumn Festival?

This year, it feels that the Mid-Autumn Festival is just so full of surprises. One day, there’s mooncakes incorporated with boba, and the next day, we have lava mooncakes! Well, it is time to get some Mid-Autumn themed tumblers and mugs to complete the whole set. What do you think about the latest drop from Starbucks? Let us know in the comments!

For more information, check it out here!

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