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Science Centre Singapore, Snow City, KidsStop to Reopen on 17 July


  • Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions is reopening on 17 July!
  • Restrictions are in place to ensure patrons’ safety, such as shorter opening hours and lower maximum capacity.
  • Admission will only be available through the purchase of online tickets.

Good news, everyone! After a long wait, Science Centre Singapore – and its group of attractions, including Snow City and KidsStop – will be opening on 17 July!

We know, we’re ecstatic too.

Photo: Science Centre Singapore (Instagram)

The announcement came on Wednesday, 15 July, when both Science Centre Singapore and Snow City posted on their social media that they were back in business.

“We are delighted to announce that Science Centre Singapore will reopen this Friday, 17 July 2020!” Science Centre Singapore wrote in an Instagram post.

Photo: Science Centre Singapore (Instagram)

Science Centre Singapore’s Reopening

Photo: Science Centre Singapore (Instagram)

It’ll be business as usual at the Science Centre from 17 – 26 July – it’ll open from 10am to 5pm (because of the school holidays). But come 31 July – the moment the kids go back to school – it’ll only be open from Fridays to Sundays.

Some science shows and live demonstrations will be temporarily unavailable, until further notice.

It’ll also be closed from 1 – 2pm for routine disinfecting, and its maximum capacity will be limited to 500 people.

Snow City & KidsStop

Photo: Snow City Singapore (Instagram)

What about Snow City? Well, it’s also going to reopen from 17 – 26 July from 10am to 6pm. Again, though, it’ll reduce its opening hours to five days a week (Wednesdays to Sundays) from 29 July onwards.

From 29 July, it’ll close at 5pm instead of 6, and it’ll also be closed for disinfection from 1 – 2 pm daily.

Its maximum capacity will be 50 people at any one time.


Photo: KidsStop Singapore (Instagram)

Like both these other attractions, KidsStop will be open between 17 and 26 July, from 10am to 5pm. From 31 July onwards, it’ll open from Friday to Sunday, it’ll be closed for disinfection from 1 – 2pm, and it will be able to hold a maximum of 100 guests.

Take note that you’ll only be allowed entry into all 3 attractions if you book them online! Tickets for all 3 attractions can be purchased here.

While we’re thrilled that these attractions are reopening, it’s important that we be mindful of our safety at all times. So remember to keep your mask on and practice social distancing when you do visit!

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