IKEA Meatballs Will Be Back From 29 June!

They'll be available at all outlets!


  • IKEA Singapore’s meatballs are back and better than ever!
  • They’ll be available from 29 June at all IKEA Singapore outlets (both Alexandra and Tampines), as the IKEA restaurants open.
  • Opening hours have been revised – so take note of the new timings!
Photo: IKEA Singapore

After their Swedish Food Market and Bistro opened on 23 and 26 June respectively, IKEA has dropped another surprise – their restaurants will be open from 29 June!

That’s right, folks – that means you can satisfy all your IKEA meatball cravings as early as this coming Monday!

Restaurant Reopening

Photo: @eshayies (Instagram)

IKEA Singapore announced earlier this week that their restaurants would remain closed a little longer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So this is a nice surprise for all of us!

When the restaurants reopen, you can also expect dishes such as their Salmon Fillet With Vegetable Medallion And Lemon Dill Sauce to be on the menu. Aren’t you excited?


Revised Opening Hours

Photo: @abijunpili (Instagram)

But wait – not everything will go back to normal immediately. As per their prior announcement on the reopening of their Bistro and Food Market, all drinks and condiments stations will be closed (although you can still request packet chilli and ketchup!).

In addition, the opening hours for both IKEA branches have been revised:

  • Alexandra outlet: 9am to 9pm (Sun – Thu) ,  9am to 10:30pm (Fri – Sat)
  • Tampines outlet: 10am to 9pm (Sun – Thu) , 10am to 10:30pm (Fri – Sat)

They’ll stop taking orders half an hour before the closing time as well, so remember not to wait until the last minute to order your final plate of chicken wings.


While IKEA’s restaurants opening is great news, do remember that safety guidelines still apply. Mask up and maintain a 1-metre distance away from the next customer in the queue!

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