Get Japanese-Yuletide Meal Sets This Christmas From Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi, Kuriya Japanese Market & More

A WA-nderful Christmas Feast Indeed!

Hello, foodies! December is here and we’re definitely feeling the holiday spirit. Nothing rings in the festive season like Christmas decorations and Christmas food, of course! Get your tummies ready because we are excited to share that you’ll have yourself a WA-nderful Christmas Feast this year with RE&S Enterprises – they are offering a plethora of oishii Japanese-infused seasonal mainstays that combines traditional Yuletide dishes with uniquely Japanese flavours at Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi, Kuriya Japanese Market and Gokoku Japanese Bakery. Wow!


RE&S Enterprises Brings The Festive Season Alive With 19 Christmas Takeaway Offerings (Including Sushi Sashimi Platters & More)

For the first time ever, RE&S Enterprises is glad to share that there are 19 takeaway offerings including Sushi Sashimi Platters from S$29.80, three (3) Bundles starting from S$88 (UP:S$93.60), festive delicacies, logcakes and more. Check out what they offer below and order-in to enjoy at home for a safe and comforting Christmas dinner!

Sushi Platters For Sushi Lovers

Calling all sushi lovers! Get their Merry Maki Platter at S$36.80 (above) that features a shape of a Christmas tree, it comes with a large variety of sushi that everyone will surely enjoy eating. A fun game to get your guests to ‘Spot the hidden Christmas Tree’ from your food-filled table! Besides that you can also get the ‘Do you want to Build-a-Sushi?’ DIY Sushi Set at S$38.80 (below) for a little fun family activity to assemble your favourite sushi!

Main Christmas Dishes You Must Not Miss Out On

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without some turkey or even log cakes, don’t you agree! Well, you’re in luck because you can also order a variety of delicious mains (listed below) too. From turkey to beef stew, there will be something for every tastebud so have your pick!

  • Yuzu Mustard Baked Salmon (S$62.80)
  • Roasted Turkey Breast Roulade with Gammon Ham Mousse Stuffing, served Red Wine Brown Sauce & Cranberry Kosho (S$68.80)
  • Yuzu Cream Salmon Stew (S$68.80)
  • Red Wine Beef Stew (S$68.80)
  • Bûche de Noël (Logcake) from Gokoku Japanese Bakery (S$42.80); comes in three (3) flavours: Strawberry, Matcha Azuki, Chocolate Hazelnut)

Red Wine Beef Stew

Yuzu Cream Salmon Stew

Roasted Turkey Breast Roulade served with Red Wine Brown Sauce & Cranberry Kosho


Yuzu Mustard Baked Salmon served with Yuzu Dill Sauce

Bûche de Noël (Logcake) from Gokoku Japanese Bakery

Bundle Meals That Are Perfect For Families & Couples Too!

What we absolutely love about these Christmas offerings from RE&S Enterprises is that it solves all our Christmas dinner problems because they have Bundle Meals that you can order from too! They have three (3) types of Bundles starting from S$88!


Bundle A (S$168; UP: S$208.20)

  • Jingle Sashimi Platter
  • Gammon Ham & Potato Salad
  • Roasted Turkey Breast Roulade
  • Pineapple Honey Baked Ham
  • Receive a S$20 dining voucher for Ichiban Boshi/ Ichiban Sushi

Bundle B (S$108; UP: S$129.40)

  • Jolly Sushi Platter
  • Gammon Ham & Potato Salad
  • Yuzu Mustard Baked Salmon
  • Receive a S$10 dining voucher for Ichiban Boshi/ Ichiban Sushi

Bundle C (S$88; UP: S$93.60)

  • Merry Maki Platter
  • Christmas Spiced Roast Chicken – 6 pieces
  • Receive a S$5 dining voucher for Ichiban Boshi/ Ichiban Sushi

Early Bird Specials You Must Check Out Before It’s Too Late!

Aside from offering a wide variety of Christmas dishes, they are also having an early bird promo just for you! Customers will get 10% OFF all logcake(s) when they order before 12 December 2021. Plus, there’s also FREE* Dining Vouchers up to $20 off with every purchase of the Christmas Bundle when you order before 12 December 2021 too!


  • Takeaway at any of the Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi & Kuriya Japanese Market
  • Order online via islandwide delivery here:
  • Note: Rewards members can now earn stamps and vouchers when they purchase Christmas takeaways online


  • In-store
    • 16 Nov 2021 (Tuesday) till 1 Jan 2022 (Saturday)
    • Collect from 23 Nov 2021 (Tuesday) till 4 Jan 2022 (Tuesday)
    • Pre-order three (3) days in advance
  • Online
    • 16 Nov 2021 (Tuesday) till 1 Jan 2022 (Saturday)
    • Collect from 23 Nov 2021 (Tuesday) till 4 Jan 2022 (Tuesday)
    • Pre-order three (3) days in advance

For more information, visit this website:




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