NEW-IN: S’pore Taxis & Private-Hire Drivers Allowed To Deliver Food & Groceries

New Measure To Help Address The Shortage Of Delivery Slots

In order to address the issue of the shortage of delivery slot shortage due to the Covid-19 outbreak, a new measure has been put into place. Read on to find out more!

New Measure That Will Help Address A Shortage Of Delivery Slots In S’pore!

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Instead of venturing out to buy food, the Singapore Government is urging all of us to order food and groceries online instead. However, this means that the demand for home deliveries, whether for food or groceries, will increase drastically.

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Therefore, the has been a new measure put in place to address the issue of shortage of delivery slots. There is now a limited trial with Grab Singapore to allow Grab drivers to deliver food and groceries as well. Not only does this help solve the problem of lack of delivery slots, but it also supplements the income of drivers.

This trial is also expanded to taxi and other Private-Hire Car operators to allow their drivers to participate in such delivery service if they wish.

All-New System To Help Solve Issue On Lack Of Delivery Slots!

In addition, there will be a temporary liberalization of point-to-point regulations. This places restrictions on drivers to make deliveries. However, it will be lifted until the end of June.

This service will be available during all hours except between 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekdays. On weekends, there will be no time restrictions.

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