Lau Pa Sat Celebrates 130 Years Of Heritage Featuring Local Artists Yip Yew Chong And Ah Guo

Lau Pa Sat has unveiled a fresh 130th-anniversary logo, celebrating its deep roots in Singapore’s bustling hawker culture. The design beautifully merges elements of hawker traditions with the iconic architecture of the market, featuring Victorian cast iron columns, intricate leaf motifs, and its distinctive octagonal layout. You can spot the anniversary logo throughout Lau Pa Sat, adorning staff uniforms and special anniversary merchandise!


Lau Pa Sat Celebrates 130 Years Of Heritage

Lau Pa Sat is dedicated to offering its customers unique experiences that blend local culture, art, and music with hawker center dining. Beyond its culinary delights, Lau Pa Sat serves as a platform for promoting local businesses and supporting the arts community by showcasing their works. Food Folks, located within Lau Pa Sat, features up to 100 local brands, including favourites like Fossa Chocolate. Collaborations with local artists and musicians highlight Lau Pa Sat’s commitment to cultural enrichment and community engagement.

“We believe in the transformative power of art to tell stories and evoke memories. Through collaborations with Yip Yew Chong and Ah Guo, we aim to depict Lau Pa Sat’s rich history and vibrant spirit over the years. We hope this will inspire the community to gather, converse, and celebrate our heritage, food culture, and shared experiences within this space,” shared Pauline Png, Director of Customer Innovation and Marketing at Food Services.

Local Artists Collaboration

Lau Pa Sat revealed exciting collaborations with esteemed Singaporean artists. A stunning 10-meter heritage mural by visual artist Yip Yew Chong.

Yip Yew Chong’s heritage mural offers a captivating visual journey through time, depicting Lau Pa Sat’s evolution from its origins as the first Telok Ayer Market in 1824 to its bustling lunchtime hub in the 1990s. His unique narrative technique masterfully captures the essence of the past, establishing a deep connection with viewers and fostering a shared exploration of culture through art.

Additionally, there’s a launch of merchandise featuring captivating watercolor illustrations in partnership with local illustrator Ah Guo. These artworks beautifully showcase Lau Pa Sat’s rich history and its evolution as a beloved Singaporean landmark over the years.


The unveiling coincided with World Art Day, highlighting the crucial role that local artists play in preserving Singapore’s heritage and culture. Managed by Kopitiam, a social enterprise under FairPrice Group, Lau Pa Sat continues to enchant both locals and tourists with its diverse range of local culinary delights and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Exclusive Merchandise

In celebration of Lau Pa Sat 130 years, customers also have the opportunity to own limited edition collectibles, such as a twin postcard collection and EZ-link card collection, featuring Lau Pa Sat’s 130th Anniversary artwork. Exclusively available at Food Folks, patrons and art enthusiasts can take home tangible pieces of the market’s rich history, serving as mementos of this milestone celebration.


Ah Guo’s collaboration with Lau Pa Sat features a captivating three-part art series available as merchandise. The first artwork transports viewers to Lau Pa Sat’s early days as a bustling market by the sea, depicting fishermen selling their catch alongside street hawkers, including the quintessential Satay seller. Through his art, Ah Guo invites audiences to rediscover the essence of days gone by, creating a visual journey through his memories. The merchandise, including pouches and stationery, allows customers to bring home a piece of Lau Pa Sat with both style and functionality.

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Celebrate a year-long series of events, promising an artistic spectacle that transcends time and culture!

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