Nestlé Goodnes: The Perfect Start To Your Mornings With Their New Creamy Oat Milk And Almond & Oat Milk!

Nestlé Singapore has launched its brand new dairy-free drink, Nestlé Goodnes. Enjoy two deliciously creamy flavours – OAT and ALMOND & OAT. This creamy and nutritious dairy alternative is perfect with cereal, coffee, or even on its own. Get ready to elevate your mornings with the perfect blend of goodness and indulgence, straight from nature to your cup!


Now Available in Two Flavours

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The oats and almonds used are sourced from Europe and California, ensuring the highest standards of flavour. 

Image: Singapore Foodie

What sets Nestlé Goodnes apart is their unique natural sweetness that’s derived from oats, without any added sugar.

Creamy, Dairy-Free, And Packed With Essential Nutrients

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Offering a luxuriously creamy texture, Nestlé Goodnes’ Oat Milk ($5.80) and Almond & Oat Milk ($5.80) are completely dairy-free and lactose-free. Whether poured over cereal, added to coffee, or enjoyed on its own, each sip promises a silky-smooth experience.

Beyond its delightful taste, Nestlé Goodnes offers a wealth of essential nutrients including Calcium, Vitamin D, B2, and B3, vital for energy production and overall well-being.

Whether you’re a vegan, cutting back on dairy, or simply seeking a delicious alternative, elevate your morning routines with Nestlé Goodnes!

Exclusive Giveaway Alert!

Want to win a free Nestlé Goodnes Breakfast Kit for yourself? Simply comment below how many times the word “OAT” was mentioned in this video & follow both Singapore Foodie and Nestlé Goodnes on Instagram. 

Three winners will be selected! The giveaway will end on 22 May 2359. 

Hurry And Try Nestlé Goodnes Today! 

Available at all FairPrice, Giant, and Cold Storage supermarkets and on Pandamart, Shopee, Redmart, and Lazada, try Nestlé Goodnes’ Oat Milk and Almond & Oat Milk today!

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie


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