Breaking: MAXI Mango, Renowned Mango Ice Cream Joint To Open in S’pore on 2nd August 2019

More Mango Goodness!

Hey there foodies! We’re here once again with a piece of food news that will have you drooling. But before that, how many of you guys here heard about Maxi Mango? Well, if you have then great news! They will be opening their very first joint right here in Singapore!

MAXI Mango To Open in S’pore On 2nd August 2019

MAXI Mango Opens in S'pore
Photo: @MAXIMangoPH (Facebook)

So, this begs the question, what exactly is this Maxi Mango and should you guys hype over it? The answer is a definite YES! This is because over in the Philippines, patrons are willing to queue for as long as 4 hours just to get a taste of the Mango ice cream.

MAXI Mango Opens in S'pore
Photo: @MAXIMangoPH (Facebook)

Back in 2018, MAXI Mango garnered attention through its pop up kiosk at Glorietta Mall and within 10 months, they have even expanded to a total of 43 outlets across the Philippines! So, this is the very reason why we should all hype over their new opening here at our homeland.

Also, here’s what you guys should try out when they actually are in business. Firstly, don’t ever leave MAXI Mango without trying their signature item, Maxi Mango. You’ll get diced mangoes, mango puree, and mango ice-cream so mango lovers, this is HEAVEN!

MAXI Mango Opens in S'pore
Photo: @MAXIMangoPH (Facebook)

In addition, the Mango Ube is a definite must-try as well since it has a perfect combo of both mango and yam. Wait, do they even go well together? Well, you’ve gotta try it our for yourselves then!

MAXI Mango Opens in S'pore
Photo: @MAXIMangoPH (Facebook)

Finally, let’s spill more details about their opening:

Date: 2nd August 2019

Venue: Capitol Piazza

Guys, seriously, save this date because you’re bound to sign your palates up for some really good, heavenly mango desserts. See you guys in the queue, yeah?

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