This Stall At Bendemeer Takes Your Traditional Teochew Kuehs And Fries Them Carrot Cake Style!

Traditional Teochew kuehs like Soon Kueh and Png Kueh are probably no strangers to most of us. These traditional kuehs are usually steamed, and that’s how most of us grew up eating them. But, what if we told you that you can now enjoy these kuehs cooked in the style of fried carrot cake? Well, the popular Yong Xiang Carrot Cake at Bendemeer Food Centre is just the spot to head to!


 Teochew Kuehs Fried Carrot Cake Style

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Yong Xiang Carrot Cake definitely does something unique by elevating the traditional Teochew kuehs we grew up eating. What Yong Xiang does is they take these traditional kuehs and fries them carrot cake style. This offers a totally unique and elevated experience, as compared to the steamed ones we grew up eating.

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Customers can select their kueh of choice which includes Soon Kueh, Png Kueh, and Ku Chai Kueh and they will be fried on the spot. The kuehs will then be chopped into pieces and added to the pan with egg, chilli, and dark sauce. It is then fried like how carrot cake is normally cooked. If you enjoyed eating these kuehs growing up, we’re sure you will enjoy this upgraded version of it!

Photo:@eatwhatsis (Instagram)

What makes this dish so heavenly is that the skin of the kueh becomes charred and crispy while the inside still remains soft. This gives a perfect contrast of textures between the crispiness and chewiness of the kueh. The chunks of fried kueh have a really nice QQ texture and a delightful smoky aroma.

Each bite is an explosion of sweetness, pepperiness and umami. Additionally, with each kueh having its own texture and flavour, every bite you take is a surprise to your tastebuds!

Do note the price will differ based on your selection of kuehs. Fret not, the prices are still pretty affordable, with a plate of fried soon kueh, png kueh, and ku chai kueh costing less than $4.


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Hurry Down To Yong Xiang Carrot Cake!

Besides their fried Teochew kuehs, Yong Xiang also serves their classic black and white carrot cake. On top of that, they also serve chee cheong fun and yam cakes, starting from $1. Do note that queues can start forming as early as 7am and they can be sold out by noon. Be sure to head down early to not miss out!

Address: 29 Bendemeer Road, #01-35, Bendemeer Market and Food Centre, Singapore 330029


Operating Hours: Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun, 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: @eatwhatsis (Instagram)

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