HEYTEA Releases NEW Yumberry Boom Drink At All Outlets Islandwide For A Limited Time Only!

Good news bubble tea lovers, HEYTEA has recently released their new Yumberry Boom drink islandwide featuring real Yumberry. Enjoy this first-of-its-kind summer delight in Singapore for a limited time only! 


HEYTEA Releases New Yumberry Boom Drink

Photo: Singapore Foodie

A beloved summer fruit in China, the seasonal Yumberry, also known as Yangmei marks the beginning of summer. Resembling a spherical raspberry, it has a sweet-sour taste that is often compared to cranberry or pomegranate. 

Since 2020, Yumberry Boom has been a staple summer drink at HEYTEA. When it was first launched, an average of 1,000 cups of Yumberry Boom were sold in each of the over 2,000 HEYTEA stores across China.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Hand-prepared daily, the Yumberry Boom ($6.50) is made with selected juicy and sweet Yumberries and infused in HEYTEA’s signature Green Jasmine Tea. To ensure the pure Yumberry taste, no other toppings are added. The drink is made healthier with real fruits and zero-sugar sweeteners, containing no artificial ingredients.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Yumberry Boom – The Ultimate Summer Delight

  • Real Yumberry Puree
  • No Artificial Flavours – Jasmine Green Tea Slushie
  • No Artificial Flavours – Real Yumberry Juice
  • Zero-Fat Bobo Pops
  • Made with Stevia – Real Zero-Sugar Sweetener

Balancing Real Taste With Health

Since 2012, HEYTEA has consistently promoted and insisted on using real quality ingredients, such as real fruits, real milk, real tea, and real sugar to ensure the best-tasting tea. This commitment to quality is why HEYTEA has become so popular with customers worldwide.

This year, HEYTEA has decided to further enhance the quality of their tea drinks by focusing on health. Aiming to give everyone a chance at being healthy, HEYTEA has innovated their low-calorie drinks and provided nutritional information. This ensures that customers enjoy their favourite HEYTEA drinks without compromising their health.

Hurry down to your nearest HEYTEA outlet today! 

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