Wagyu X Now Offering Chargrilled And Smoked Wagyu Steak, With Complimentary Wagyu Fat Fries!

Elevating your Wagyu experience to new heights, Wagyu X introduces a new tantalizing menu featuring their prized crossbreed beef. Searing the Wagyu over binchotan charcoal imparts a rich smokiness, while the delicate infusion of Sakura wood fumes lends fruity cherry notes, resulting in an unforgettable gastronomic journey.


Wagyu X Now Offering Chargrilled And Smoked Menu

Indulge in the irresistible combination of Wagyu crossbred with the juicy essence of Angus, now available in two delectable iterations at Wagyu X. Whether you prefer the succulent sirloin or the exquisite tenderness of the tenderloin, each cut is meticulously sliced to one-inch thickness, expertly cooked to perfection, and delicately seasoned with a light sprinkle of salt, allowing its unique taste and texture to shine.

This innovative method was a result of Chef Masahiro Takada’s R&D journey to find a new way to experience this prized beef. Fueled by a fascination with smoke, he decided to use only the finest charcoal and most fragrant smoking wood to refine his envisioned flavour profile.

Chef Masahiro’s curiosity led him to explore grilling Wagyu as a whole steak rather than in thin slices, resulting in a pleasantly surprising revelation — the fats rendered into a crispy exterior, elevating the beef’s taste and texture.

A New Way To X-Perience Wagyu

Photo: Wagyu Carpaccio

Embark on an extraordinary journey of Wagyu indulgence with new starters like Chilled Truffle Somen, where truffle pasta is delicately tossed in a luxurious truffle kombu sauce, mirin, soyu, and a hint of sake, accompanied by your choice of ikura and scallop ($26) or uni ($34).

Next up, the Wagyu Carpaccio ($42), features paper-thin slices of Wagyu X tenderloin drizzled with truffle oil, complemented by arugula leaves and crispy parmesan chips, delivering the perfect harmony of umami flavours.

Indulge in the ultimate Wagyu X experience with their Binchotan Flame Grilled Wagyu, available in both Sirloin (500g $180, 1kg $335) and Tenderloin (250g $135, 500g $245) options. Each cut is meticulously prepared using the techniques of binchotan charcoal chargrill and Sakura wood smoking. The result is a symphony of flavours that harmonize the intense heat of the charcoal with the smokiness of Sakura wood.

Image: Horenso Gomaae (Spinach Salad)

Extend your culinary journey with Wagyu X’s tantalizing new sides, such as the Japanese Sweet Potato Croquettes ($16), meticulously crafted in-house using imported sweet potatoes from Japan.


Complement your meal with the Horenso Gomaae (Spinach Salad – $16), featuring freshly blanched spinach delicately coated in a house-made roasted sesame seasoning.

Satisfy your cravings with the Wagyu Fried Rice ($28), complemented by Wagyu fat and ooba leaf foam. Originally a staff meal using extra cuts of Wagyu, its irresistible flavour led it to become a star on the 3-course $38++lunch set menu before earning a permanent spot on the main menu.


Sweet endings are completed with an Apple Tart ($18) of Granny Smith slices served with housemade berry sauce.

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Address: 82 Club St, Singapore 069450

Operating Hours: Daily, 11am to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm

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