McDonald’s Launching New Creamy Mushroom Double & Triple Cheeseburger And More On April 4!

Good news, McDonald’s will be launching their new Creamy Mushroom Double & Triple Cheeseburger on April 4. This sinful delight will feature beef patties, a creamy mayo sauce, grilled mushrooms, melted cheese, and caramelized onions.


McDonald’s Releasing New Burger On April 4

Left: Creamy Mushroom Double Cheeseburger, Right: Creamy Mushroom Triple Cheeseburger

If a double patty isn’t enough to feed your appetite, McDonald’s is also launching the Creamy Mushroom Triple Cheeseburger.

The Creamy Mushroom Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal starts at $7.90 for the double, and $9.90 for the triple.

Additional New Items Also Available

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Besides the new burgers, McDonald’s will also be releasing the Nori Shoyu Shaka Shaka Chicken McBites (from $3.90), featuring popcorn chicken bites and a bag of Nori Shoyu Seasoning, offering the combined flavours of seaweed and soya sauce.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s is also bringing back their beloved Potato Wedges (from $4.70) this time where you can switch it up from your regular fries.

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Limited-edition items like the Taro Custard Pie (from $1.80). Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream (from $1.20), and Double Chocolate Frappé (from $5.20) will also be making a return.

Hurry down to your nearest McDonald’s outlet from April 4 onwards! 

Cover Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

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