This Popular Stall At Beauty World Draws Snaking Queues For Their Incredible Handmade And Spicy Ban Mian

Along with Hapiha and Big Boys Sizzling, here’s another stall you definitely need to check out at Beauty World Food Centre. Draw snaking long queues daily, Top 1 Home Made Noodle is a must-try spot for their incredible handmade ban mian that seriously packs a punch!

Top 1 Home Made Noodle At Beauty World

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Being one of the most popular stalls within the hawker centre, you can instantly spot Top 1’s stall from the snaking long queues, especially during the lunch hour. Serving up dishes like Sliced Fish Homemade Noodle ($5.50) and Homemade Yu Mee With Prawn ($7), customers can also enjoy the classic variety of noodles like Ban Mian, Mee Hoon Kuay, and U Mian. Choose from four bases – Soup ($4.50), Dry ($5), Mala Soup ($5), and Tom Yum ($5). As their chilli is one of the highlights, it is highly recommended to go for the Dry version.

Incredible And Spicy Ban Mian

Image: Singapore Foodie

The Dry Ban Mian ($5) is served with handmade noodles, pork balls, minced pork, ikan billis, braised mushrooms, and a pinch of greens. The ban mian has the perfect thickness and is cooked to a pleasant al dente texture, giving it a nice chewy bite. Coating the noodles is a flavourful sauce that delivers a delightful amount of savouriness with a hint of sweetness.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

What makes this dish stand out is the chilli as it seriously packs a punch! Compared to others, Top 1’s chilli definitely delivers a more fiery kick which is perfect for all you spice lovers. The spice builds and lingers with each bite, giving you an incredible adrenaline rush as the heat hits you. Additionally, it doesn’t overpower the sauce, allowing its flavour to shine followed by the amazing kick of spice.

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

The ingredients are also done well, with both the minced pork and pork ball having a good bite and are well-seasoned. Giving the dish an added umami and textures are the crunchy ikan billis and chewy braised mushrooms that seriously elevates the noodles. Not forgetting the soup, it is light and comforting, with each sip bursting in porky goodness.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Overall, Top 1’s ban mian is truly well-executed and a must-try whenever you’re at Beauty World Food Centre. Hurry down today!

Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-44, Beauty World Food Centre, Singapore 588177

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Wed, 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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