This Hidden Gem At Beauty World Serves Incredible Mediterranean Food Like Pizzas, Hummus & Pork Souvlaki!

With Singapore being such a multi-cultural city, there’s definitely a plethora of amazing cuisines for us to enjoy. If you’re ever craving some hearty Mediterranean food, Hapiha at Beauty World Food Centre is just the spot to check out! Serving up scrumptious pizzas, hummus, and Greek dishes like Pork Souvlaki, this is a spot not to be missed!

Hapiha At Beauty World

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Started by 38-year-old Singapore PR, Kelvis Shima, he first started out with engineering and construction jobs after graduation before discovering his passion for customer service. He spent over ten years as a waiter at restaurants in Venice before relocating to Singapore for his wife. He became restaurant manager of several renowned Italian restaurants such as Ristorante Da Valentino before opening Hapiha in August last year!

Image: Singapore Foodie

Offering an array of delectable dishes ranging from Italian pizzas to Turkish kebabs, to Greek souvlaki and irresistible chicken wings, you will definitely be leaving with a satisfied tummy! Best of all, there is no MSG in any of the dishes!

Hummus & Pita Bread ($7)

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The pita bread is made fresh and has a pleasant bite and doughy texture to it. Compared to your typical pita bread, the one here is more doughy, making it much more substantial!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

As for the hummus, it has a delightfully thick and creamy texture, with the flavour of the garlic and chickpeas coming through for a burst of umami! Additionally, the hummus served here is on the lighter side, ensuring it doesn’t get too jelak. A perfect appetizer for sharing!

Delectable Mains To Enjoy!

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Going down the Italian route, the San Daniele Parma Ham & Rocket Pizza (9 inch for $18) is perfect for all you pizza lovers! The pizza dough is made fresh daily, and the flour and cheese are imported from Italy, ensuring you enjoy only the best of ingredients! The pizza dough has a nice crispy crust, with a good amount of doughiness.

Even after being left out for some time, it still doesn’t get soggy!18-month-aged parma ham is used, and you can definitely taste the quality with each bite! It is incredibly flavourful, yet it doesn’t get too overbearing. Additionally, the rocket leaves and acidity of the cherry tomatoes give a beautiful balance of flavours! A simple dish that’s done amazingly well!

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Last but not least, the Pork Souvlaki ($14.50) is a definite must-try! Served with pita bread, two pork loin skewers, a side of crunchy vegetables, and Hapiha’s own secret Tzatziki sauce, this is one tasty dish! Because the pork is grilled to order, it’s extremely tender and flavorful! Even after being left out for a significant period of time, it still retains its moisture!

On top of that, the pita bread is cooked on the pork skewers, absorbing all of the delicious flavors! The Tzatziki sauce is made with premium yoghurt, giving a lovely tang that complements the savoury pork. Be sure to have a bite of everything together for the best flavor and texture combination!

Hurry Down To Hapiha Today!

Considering you’re getting restaurant-quality dishes at a fraction of the price, Hapiha is definitely a spot worth checking out! Head down with your friends and family and try all their amazing dishes today!

Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-55, Beauty World Center, Singapore 588177

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Mon, 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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