This Popular Stall At Sengkang Square Serves Rich Prawn Noodle Perfect For A Rainy Day!

Ever wanted to warm yourself up on a cold, rainy day? A warm and soothing bowl will do the trick! At Yummy Raja at Sengkang Square, you will get different- yet just as delicious, Prawn Noodles! If you are looking for a rich and soupy dish, you got that and more right at Yummy Raja! This dish will surely fill you up with warmth, as well as, satisfy your cravings for halal Prawn Noodles!

Rich Prawn Noodles At Sengkang Square

Photo: Singapore Foodie

This stall has not been open for very long, and yet, they are a local favourite! During lunchtime, you can expect to see their stall with a long queue, filled with people lining up for their iconic Prawn Noodles! The staff there is also very welcoming. When you order, they would ask what toppings you wish to add, what pairs well with the dish you ordered and even recommend what dish you may enjoy! The food and the people provide warmth on a cold, rainy day.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Their Prawn Noodles are not like others you may find across Singapore. Most Prawn Noodles have a clear, clean broth. At Yummy Raja, they have something completely different! Their broth is rich, thick and much more fragrant with Prawns! The dish also has thinly-sliced fishcakes, vegetables and of course, huge Prawns! You can also choose between Bee Hoon noodles or Yellow noodles depending on your preference! There are also other add-ons you can get to add to your dish to make it your own.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Their Prawn Noodles ($5, without an add-on) are popular for a reason. The broth is rich, creamy, heady and slightly sweet from the fresh Prawns! Take one sip, it’ll warm you right up! The broth is extremely addictive, one sip and you’ll be hooked! The noodles are nice and chewy- combined with the thick soup, it clings onto the noodles nicely. The Prawns are the cherry on top. It is huge, meaty and sweet! All together, this dish is the complete package!

Hurry Down And Try Yummy Raja Today!

Do note that Sengkang Square Food Court is often packed with people. We suggest coming around 2pm to avoid large crowds and of course, bring your friends and family to enjoy their signature dish! Come on down today!

Address: 10 Sengkang Square, Store 56, Singapore 544829

Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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