This Popular Stall At Circuit Road Draws Crowds For Their Awesome Thai Beef Noodles With Succulent Beef Slices!

With the recent rainy weather pelting Singapore, everyone just wants to wrap themselves in a cosy blanket. But for most of us, we have to work. And outside, you need all you can get to keep warm. Luckily, at Omar Thai Beef Noodles & Rice, you can get a nice warm bowl of Thai Beef Noodles. This umami bomb of a soup will do more than just warm you up. It will satisfy your beef cravings and energize you for the rest of your day.


Perfect Soup For A Rainy Day At Circuit Road

Photo: Singapore Foodie

This stall is as bold as it looks. It serves unique Thai dishes ranging from your classic Tom Yum and Green Curry to more unknown dishes like Yaowarat. While all those dishes are incredibly delicious, their signature has to be the Thai Beef Noodles. This stall provides a lot more than just regular bowls as well. You can even get a Thai Beef Pot that could serve up to three people! The perfect spot to share food and have a good time.

Image: Singapore Foodie

While the broth is made beforehand, everything else is made to order. Every aspect of their dishes is made meticulously. From the beef to the meatballs- even the vegetables! While you can try to make this dish at home, they have certain secret ingredients that make their dishes their own. You can’t simply replicate something so unique and authentic.

Outstanding Thai Beef Noodles With Tons Of Meat

Photo: Singapore Foodie

For their amazing Thai Beef Noodles, you first need to prep the broth. It takes roughly two hours of simmering beef bones to get that rich beef flavour. Also, you probably need even more time because it is a larger batch. After several hours of cooking, the aromatics are added to add more flavour and character to the broth. Afterwards, they add more sauces, and spices to round out the broth.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Their Thai Beef Noodles ($8) are a signature for a reason. Each bite is more satisfying than the next. The noodles are surprisingly chewy and hold the broth very well. The meatballs are amazing. It still retains the juices but also absorbs the broth as well.

The beef slices are unbelievably tender and slightly medium-rare, much like shabu-shabu. The broth itself is the star of the show. It is slightly thick, filled with umami flavour and there are chunks of the tendon that add more meatiness. This will definitely satisfy your soup cravings!

Head Down To Omar Thai Beef Noodles And Rice At Circuit Road Today!

Do note that this extremely popular item can sell out within two hours. They constantly update their Facebook page so do look out for their availability. We suggest coming down around 2pm to avoid the lunch rush. Head down today!

Address: 79 Circuit Rd, #01-54 behind bus stop,  Circuit Road Hawker Centre, Singapore 370079

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Fri, 12pm to 8pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie


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