This Home Baker In S’pore With A Long Waiting List Makes Traditional Yam Cake With Lupcheong!

With Singapore being such a multi-racial country, we are never short of different cuisines to try. With all the different dialects like Teochew, Hakka, and Cantonese, they have given rise to a plethora of different dishes for us to enjoy. For the Cantonese, one popular dish is the Cantonese Chee Cheong Fun. Stalls like Pin Wei Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong are a fine example of the scrumptious food each cuisine has to offer. Another Cantonese dish is Yam Cake and that’s where Kelly’s Sweet Treats comes in!

Kelly’s Sweet Treats: Delectable Homemade Yam Cake

Photo: Felix Kim (Facebook)
Image: YC Yeo (Facebook)


The yam cake is filled with ingredients like mushrooms, hae bi, shallots and chilli. It is full of flavour and the chilli gives the perfect amount of kick without being too overpowering. One unique ingredient in the yam cake is the lupcheong, which you don’t see very often in traditional ones. Don’t worry, some things are worth breaking tradition for! The lupcheong adds another depth of flavour and elevates the taste of the yam cake. Some might find the addition of it unconventional but then again, who would say no to tasty lupcheong?

2 Different Sizes Available

Round: 8 Inch (1KG) At $30

Photo: Kelly Tan (Facebook)

Rectangular: 7×9 Inches (1.6KG) At $40

Image: Kelly’s Sweet Treats (Facebook)

There are 2 sizes of the Yam Cake you can choose from. The regular size (8 inch) which comes in a round shape, is $30 which is around 1kg. For those who can’t get enough and want more, there is the large size (7 x 9 inch) that comes in a rectangular shape instead. The large size is approximately 1.6kg and is going for $40.

Array Of Other Treats Available

Almond Florentine

Photo: Kelly’s Sweet Treats (Facebook)

Peanut Butter Cookies

Image: Kelly’s Sweet Treats (Facebook)

Homemade Orh Nee

Photo: Kelly’s Sweet Treats (Facebook)

Besides yam cake, Kelly’s Sweet Treats also offers a plethora of other delights for you to enjoy. The almond florentine is made up of 100% almond slices and white and black sesame seeds. The cookies are your classic peanut butter cookies with a buttery crust. Another yam favourite that is available is the Orh Nee. It is made of 100% pure yam puree with shallots and coconut milk flavouring, topped with ginko nuts.

There is currently no information on the prices of these items so do message them on their Facebook page for any enquires.

Order This Scrumptious Yam Cake Early!

Kelly’s Sweet Treats has limited slots for orders each month and you may have to wait up to 3 weeks to receive your yam cake. For those who do not want to miss out on trying it, make sure you order early! For any enquires or placement of orders, just head to their Facebook page and message them!

Customers can opt for self-collection at Clementi Station or pick up from Clementi West. Estimated pick-up time is at 3.45pm. Hurry and order it today!

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Cover Photo: Jen Zeng (Facebook), Felix Kim (Faceboook)

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