The Hainan Story: A Good Start To 2024 Brimming With Boundless Triple Happinesses!

It’s only the start of 2024 but it has already been a fruitful first month for The Hainan Story. Here are three good news they wish to share with everyone…


The First Happiness

Indulge in the delight of savoring dishes available exclusively at their new Northpoint City outlet. The culinary team, inspired by the rich tapestry of Hainanese flavors, has meticulously crafted each dish to deliver an unparalleled dining experience that captivates the senses.

Embark on a culinary odyssey as The Hainan Story’s third Coffee House at Northpoint City invites you to savor, celebrate, and create lasting memories. Step into a world where Hainanese traditions intertwine with contemporary allure, and every dish narrates a story waiting to be savored.

Furthermore, the Northpoint City outlet marks a unique chapter in the restaurant’s history, as it is its first-ever coffee house concept. Dishing out a repertoire of new exclusive offerings and perennial favorites, the restaurant invites you to immerse yourself in the rich Hainanese heritage through a journey of food.

Step into the coffee house and be whisked away to a bygone era. The playful palette of red, green, and brown creates a cozy ambience. Brick feature walls, louver windows, and mosaic tiles further add to the nostalgic flavour.

Exclusive Specialties Only At Northpoint City

The Hainan Story Coffee House’s mission at Northpoint City continues to be the same: to regale gourmands with delicious Hainanese food. New exclusive dishes exclusive to Northpoint City include Beh Deh Hainanese Yam Cake, Hainan Braised White Bee Hoon, Crispy Lotus Leaf Buns with Hainanese Braised Pork Belly and Hainan Braised Pork Knuckle Mee Tai Mak. 

The Beh Deh Hainanese Yam Cake combines the unique flavors of yam, and dried shrimps, with a refreshing salad of shredded carrots and cucumber, drizzled with sweet and tangy rojak sauce. 


The Hainan Braised White Bee Hoon is a flavorful and hearty dish of Hainanese white bee hoon braised in chicken tomato broth, clams, shredded chicken breast, shredded black mushrooms, scrambled eggs, and sprinkled with toppings of roasted peanuts, spring onions, and chinese celery.

Crispy Lotus Leaf Buns with Hainanese Braised Pork Belly – enjoy the delicious combination of golden crispy lotus leaf buns sandwiched with flavorful authentic Hainanese Braised Pork Belly. 


The Hainan Braised Pork Knuckle Mee Tai Mak combines the succulent and flavorful pork knuckle braised with the unique texture of mee tai mak and the earthy flavors of black fungus, dried shredded cuttlefish and hard-boiled egg. 

Signatures At All Coffee House Concept


 Bound to whet appetites, the Hainanese Ah Mai’s Chee Cheong Fun takes the humble dish and spruces it up with ingredients such as fried fish balls and hard-boiled eggs. The ingredients are then drizzled with chee cheong fun sauce, green chili sauce, rojak sauce, and light soya sauce. The overall dish is garnished with fried shallot, spring onion, and Chinese celery for a fragrant lift, with the shallot oil also lends an aromatic undertone. 

Another must-try is the Hainanese Pig’s Trotter Assam Curry Noodle. Cooked for hours in a sour-spicy assam curry, the pork trotter falls off the bone and offers the perfect ratio of meat and fat. Soaking up the curry sauce are ribbons of al dente rice noodles. beansprouts, fish cake, and hard-boiled egg round out the line-up.

Continue the indulgence with the very comforting Hainanese Pork Patty Noodle Soup. Perched atop the noodles is a slab of the quintessential Hainanese pork patty, which is juicy and tender. The patty, rice noodle, chye sim, fish cake, and soft-boiled egg all come together in a slurp-worthy noodle broth. 

From Uncle Robert Western, which is known for injecting an Asian flair into British mainstays, comes yet another creative offering: the Baked Hainanese Rice Cake Lasagna. This is a new take on the beloved chwee kueh. The chefs have jettisoned the usual caipo for a blanket of sliced cheddar cheese, which melts into gooey goodness under high heat. The blocks of wobbly rice cakes are soused in an eggplant tomato stew and accompanied by fine French beans and a lovely bechamel sauce.

Retaining Signature Mainstays In The Menu

Love The Hainan Story’s signatures? You can also enjoy them here at the Northpoint City outlet. The 1980’s Hainanese English Crispy Chicken Cutlet and Crispy Pork Cutlet are highly addictive. The satisfying crunch of the exterior is owed to the use of potato chip crumbs, which also lend the dish a more flavourful profile. Both the cutlets are drenched with BBQ sauce and accompanied by onion rings, green peas, and diced potatoes. 

Do not miss the delectable Old English Beef Stew, a wildly popular dish during the British colonial era. Braised for hours with fresh tomatoes, spices, and onions, this historic dish features melt-in-your-mouth meat paired with homemade mashed potatoes. 

Be sure to try the “Ah Kor” Hainanese Lamb Stew with Rice as well, which is packed with nutritious spare ribs, spongy tau kee, black fungus, carrot, and broccoli. The flavors of the winsome mixture of herbs and spices — including star anise, shallots, and preserved beans — permeate every inch of the lamb through long hours of cooking. 

Spaghetti lovers can also enjoy different fusion-style offerings such as Spaghetti Aglio Olio with
Soft Boiled Egg, Neapolitan Spaghetti with Soft Boiled Egg, and Hae Bee Hiam Spaghetti with
Soft Boiled Egg. Choose to beef up your pasta with proteins like chicken cutlet, pork cutlet, pork chop,
chicken chop, and cheesy meatballs.

Savour The Offerings Of F&B Stalwarts

The enclave will house signature The Hainan Story brands such as Newspaper Curry Rice and Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice. The Newspaper Curry Rice is not just any regular dish: the brand’s most treasured possession is a curry chicken recipe that has been passed down the generations from a staunch Hainanese matriarch. You will not find any shortcuts or instant curry powder here: all its sauces and recipes are made from scratch, including the homemade sambal, and of course, its signature curry, which contains blue ginger, chili, curry leaves, and freshly ground pepper. 

The brand has come up with a new Childhood Fried Chicken Wing Set ($10.80). Served piping hot, the chicken wing boasts the tangy note of lemongrass. Each bite is crispy and juicy. As if the indulgence is not already enough, the set comes complete with seasonal vegetables and fried egg.

There are also different sets to choose from, such as its signature Mama Wee Curry Chicken Drumstick Set
served with a generous helping of tender chicken and addictive curry sauce — and Mama Wee Braised Pork Belly Set, which showcases a succulent braised pork belly. All sets are accompanied with freshly steamed rice,
sambal belacan, seasonal vegetables, and fries.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and at The Hainan Story, you can start the day on a
right note. The restaurant doles out old-school breakfasts, such as traditional Hainanese toasts that
boast thick, fluffy buns with a pillowy-soft centre and wonderfully crisp crust — unlike the thin, flat toasts
commonly found elsewhere.

Top the toast with Homemade Gula Melaka Kaya & Cold Butter or the crunchy Rojak & Peanut Jam Spread. Kaya lovers can also bring home the homemade Gula Melaka Kaya. Wash the delicious food down with some good ol’ decadent ‘Kopi Gu You’ – either Kopi C (coffee with milk) or Kopi O (black coffee) with a slice of butter thrown in.

For dessert, sink your teeth into the new Pandan Waffles. Coming in a gorgeous green colour, and packing the distinctive note of pandan, the waffles can be paired with sweet toppings such as gula melaka kaya, peach jam, or even savoury offerings such as rojak jam, avocado egg mayo, or cheese.

Address: 930 Yishun Ave 2, #B1-52, Northpoint City, North Wing, Singapore 769098

Operating Hours: Daily, 8am to 9.30pm 

The Second Happiness

Experience the harmonious buttery masterpiece crafted by Dr Leslie Tay ieatishootipost, using SCS Dairy
Singapore Number 1 Butter SCS newly launched slighted salted butter. In this Phenomenal-3 collaboration, be immersed with the decadence of our Traditional Butter Cake, where each bite is a promise of satisfaction. The moist crumb, the golden hue, and the indulgent flavor come together to deliver an experience that is not just a treat for the palate but a celebration of the senses.

Available at all The Hainan Story outlets from now till April 15 at only $16.80 for 650g.

About Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost

Dr Leslie Tay, has spent over a decade and a half roaming around Singapore in search of the best hawker food and then publishing his mouth-watering pictures and stories on his award-winning food blog, He is recently joined by his lovely wife, Lisa (a half Hainanese), and together, they continue on the mission of uncovering Singapore’s best eats!

Dr Tay is recognized as a key opinion leader (KOL) on local food and has delivered talks on Singapore’s Hawker Cuisine to international as well as local audiences. He has been invited to speak in the US and other countries on the topic. In 2016, he also spoke at the 3rd Singapore Heritage Science Conference on the topic of how to preserve Singapore’s hawker heritage and is currently one of the members of the Hawker Centre Review Committee.

He has also been sought after as a food consultant for restaurants and was responsible for the
revamp of the lobby lounge at Shangri-La Hotel as a place for local heritage cuisine. He is also involved in food consultation for other eateries where he helps in restaurant “makeovers”.

In 2022, he partnered with the World Gourmet Summit to present its inaugural Hawker Series where he and a team of judges were tasked to find Singapore’s best hawkers. As a photographer, Dr Tay held his own exhibition at Millenia Walk in 2013 where he demonstrated and taught his unique style of “street” food photography. His photos and articles on food photography have been published in photography magazines as well as international publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ieatishootipost has a growing community of readers as well as a sizeable following on Facebook
(313K), Instagram (152K), and a growing subscriber base on YouTube (37K).

The Third Happiness

Back by popular demand, a classic yet gourmet fusion style Pork Corden Bleu with a delightful combination of sliced pork collar wrapped with Sliced Chicken Bakkwa, Gooey cheddar cheese coating with crispy soda cracker crumbs, complemented by tangy coleslaw and the satisfying crunch of Golden French Fries. Best accompanied with dipping of house-made Hainanese BBQ sauce.

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