MOSS CROSS TOKYO Opens First Overseas Outlet In S’pore, Offering Affordable Omakase Sets!

A new omakase experience arrives in Singapore from Tokyo, Japan, with the unveiling of MOSS CROSS TOKYO Singapore at Capri by Fraser China Square. Bringing its signature Shokado omakase experience, diners can delight in a diverse array of high-quality Japanese dishes.


MOSS CROSS TOKYO Opens First Overseas Outlet In SG

By the hands of Executive Chef Akihiro Masuyama, traditional Japanese flavours are lent a modern touch where the essence of shokado omakase unfolds with a lunch experience starting from only $69 and dinner from just $128.

MOSS CROSS TOKYO’s name lends a preview to the spirit of the food and service of the restaurant. Moss is widely regarded as the symbol of Japanese aesthetics, brought to life by the wabi-sabi worldview of appreciating beauty in the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete aspects of nature.

In the same regard, MOSS CROSS TOKYO brings together the electric talents of great culinary artisans, the diversity of its valued customers, and varied occasions celebrated around fine food and wine to create meaningful dining moments that create and nurture important relationships.

About The Executive Chef

Originally hailing from Chiba, Japan, Chef Akihiro Masuyama’s culinary journey led him to the Burgundy and Champagne regions of France, where he mastered the art of French dining. Upon returning to Japan, he seamlessly integrated the delicate precision of Japanese culinary techniques into his repertoire. In 2012, he joined the Cross Grou, taking charge of all their restaurants. Now, he brings his culinary expertise to Singapore as the executive and head chef of the group and opening team of Singapore’s first MossCross restaurant.

On The Food Menu

Distinguishing itself from other shokado restaurants, MOSS CROSS TOKYO offers more than just a meal but a storied experience that takes diners on a journey through the different chapters of the restaurant.


Embarking with the signature Shokado-9, indulge in a culinary journey through a 9-course small-bite masterpiece intricately woven around the theme of travel. Each of the nine meticulously crafted plates showcases ingredients that have inspired Chef Masuyama during his extensive travels, featuring seafood, meats, and fresh produce.

Savour the essence of the sea with the Hyogo Oyster adorned with Camembert, Caviar, and Konbu. Each bite unveils the creamy Hyogo oyster poached in an umami-rich kelp broth, harmonizing with a decadent camembert mousse, velvety milk foam, and the delightful crunch of diced raw onions. The caviar adds an opulent touch, while the refreshing burst of yuzu pearls and lime zest completes the experience.

Experience the Molten Crab Chawan-mushi, Lily Bulb, and Bisque Emulsion with the invigoratingscent of yuzu that delicately envelops the senses. Each spoonful of the chawanmushi, crafted with a chicken broth base entices the palate with its nuanced flavours. Crowned with a light crab bisque emulsion, artfully blended from a medley of two to three crab varieties, clams, and shrimps, it blankets the velvety steamed egg below. Shredded crab meat and lily bulbs adorn the dish, punctuated by the delightful presence of edible flowers and herbs.


Transitioning to the exquisite Hokkaido Tokachi Herb-fed Beef Cutlet, paired with a delectable homemade Worcestershire Sauce. Tokachi beef, renowned for its rich flavor derived from a unique diet of over 10 herbs, offers a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. The beef cutlet is encased in a delicate breading of parsley and breadcrumbs, enhanced with the savory touch of Parmesan cheese.

The Worcestershire sauce is crafted over three days with whole tomatoes grilled to perfection and seasoned with soy sauce and bonito flakes. Patiently reduced to intensify flavors, the sauce is perfected with a secret blend of herbs and spices, resulting in a dish that this bursting with depth and complexity.


Indulge in the Roasted Hirame, a mild and delicate Japanese flatfish, perched elegantly on blanched spinach bathed in velvety Sake cream sauce. A drizzle of parsley oil imparts a refreshing note, complementing the dish’s nuanced flavors. The interplay of textures is exquisite, featuring crunchy sliced almonds and tender lily bulbs for a delightful contrast.

The Kyoto Wagyu Sushi adorned with Sea Urchin and Truffle Soy Sauce is a masterpiece where the sushi rice is marinated overnight with red wine, imparting a distinctive red hue to each grain. Tender Kyoto Wagyu then sits atop the sushi rice, complemented by creamy sea urchin and a touch of truffle soy sauce, heightened with subtle hints of Middle Eastern spices like cumin. Pairing it with the soul-nourishing Tsugani (Crab) miso soup, meticulously crafted using crabs from Kochi prefecture, provides a satisfying conclusion to the savoury courses.

Incredible Desserts Also Available

Conclude the omakase experience with the perfect finale as Chef Akihira showcases his creative prowess in the realm of desserts.

The Mizuyokan White Chocolate and Beans Cannelloni with Elderflower Jelly – features white chocolate adorned with a luscious white bean paste mousse, delicately encased in elderflower jelly to impart a subtle floral essence. This sweet confection is further elevated with a citrus sauce, introducing a right and refreshing note to gracefully balance the creamy richness of the white chocolate and bean paste mousse.

Experience the Daikon Compote Tiramisu with Mikan, a unique vegetarian take on the classic dessert. Chef Akihira ingeniously boiled daikon with rice, infusing each juicy bite with natural sweetness. The daikon is layered with luscious mascarpone cheese, dusted with Chinese five-spice powder and cacao. Fresh Mikan Mandarin oranges and a mildly bitter Mikan puree enhance the flavor profile.

On the Drinks Menu

MOSS CROSS TOKYO is also offering an extensive wine and sake selection meticulously curated by General Manager and Sommelier Kazuki Kodama. Holding a WSET Level 3 international wine license and boasting certification as a wine and sake sommelier with experience spanning New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, Kodama ensures a diverse and exceptional beverage experience.

The wine list features a spectrum of options, including wines, champagnes, and sparkling wines from both old and new world terroirs. Enhance your dining experience by opting for a pairing flight, available with your lunch or dinner menu starting from only $40. The pairing is meticulously curated with a diverse selection of wines and sakes that connect back to their Japanese roots in various ways.

For lunch, choose from the 3-course Omakase menu ($69) or the 5-course menu ($82). For dinner, elevate your dining experience with the 5-course Omakase menu ($128) or the extensive 7-course menu at $150.

Each meticulously curated menu includes a shokado and features a mouth-watering variety of fresh ingredients, spanning from fish and premium meats to vibrant vegetables and comforting noodles. Concluding on a sweet note, every menu is capped off with a delectable dessert.

Hurry make your reservations here today!

Address: Capri by Fraser China Square, #02-01, 181 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058743

Operating Hours: Tues to Sat, 12pm to 3pm & 6pm to 10pm

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