NEW: LEGIT Bubble Tea Mooncakes & Here’s Where You Can Get It In S’pore

We had a feeling that this is bubble tea mooncakes will exist! After all, we are incorporating boba in everything, even crab dishes. It is about time! Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. If you look to the left and right, there’s going to be people selling mooncakes. But, are they selling bubble tea mooncakes? LEGIT Bubble Tea Mooncakes & Here’s Where You Can Get It In S’pore!

Introducing Bubble Tea Mooncakes

Photo: Changhosek (Facebook)

Changhosek made bubbe tea snowskin mooncakes! There are two flavours that are available, Matcha Green Tea and Milk Tea. The snowskin mooncakes have tea-infused into lotus paste, and you will find chewy pearls inside! From the photographs, it appears that the pearls are scattered throughout the mooncake. It’s not going to be in the middle like a salted egg yolk!

Photo: Changhosek (Facebook)

Like all good things, there is a limited quantity of bubble tea mooncakes. Not only that, it is available via pre-orders only. It comes with two types of packaging, tingkat, and box. For tingkat packaging, it is $60 for two pieces and $90 for four pieces. For a box, it will cost you $81 for four pieces. Here’s good news, you can get a 25% discount when you order before 7th August.

Photo: Changhosek (Facebook)

Apart from bubble tea mooncakes, netizens also rave about their other premium snowskin mooncakes such as D24 Durian, and Mao Shan Wang Durian snowskin mooncakes. According to the website, there are no addictives and purest ingredients are used to make these. So, if you’re a big fan of durian, it is definitely a must-try!

It’s a Must-Try type of Mooncakes!

Photo: Changhosek (Facebook)

Looking at bubble tea mooncakes in pictures, we cannot believe that this is really happening. And, you can taste it by just ordering at changhosek. You can also check out their order forms right here! Remember, there is a discount when you order it before 7th August, so hurry up if you want to try out something new! See you on the next post!

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Bubble Tea Mooncakes at changhosek 

Limited quantities, pre-orders only.

Price: Tingkat ($60 for two pieces, $90 for four pieces), Box ($81 for four pieces)

Discount: Order before 7th August to 25% discount.

Link(s): Website | Order Form

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