Shake Shack Singapore is Opening a New Outlet at Orchard on Aug 5th!


  • Shake Shack Singapore is opening a new outlet at Orchard on 5th August!
  • The new outlet will feature an al fresco (open-air) eating area and wall art by local artist Danielle Tay.
  • It’ll also have an all-new Baby Shack counter for takeaways.
Photo: @shakeshacksg (Instagram)

Good news, Foodies – if you’re a fan of burgers and shakes and a particular neon-green brand fast-food restaurant, you’ll be elated to know that Shake Shack is opening a new outlet at Orchard!

New Outlet at Liat Towers

Photo: @shakeshacksg (Instagram)

For those of you who are already Shake Shack fans, you’ll know that Shake Shack’s got 2 outlets in Singapore at the moment, one at Jewel (Changi Airport) and one at Neil Road. Both consistently draw long queues – as anyone who’s braved an hour-long wait for their burger fix can attest to. So it’s a good thing they’re opening a new outlet, isn’t it?

The new outlet will be at Liat Towers, and it’ll be opening on August 5th – that’s only a few days away! Excited? We know we are.

Al Fresco Dining Area, Baby Shack

Photo: @shakeshacksg (Instagram)

The new Shake Shack will feature an al fresco dining area, so you can enjoy your burgers and shakes in the sunny outdoors. And the walls are painted with amazing art from local artist Danielle Tay, so make sure to check that out when you head over after it opens!

Other than that, the outlet’ll also feature an all-new Baby Shack – a counter right outside the shopfront that allows you to order takeaway without having to contend with the crowd inside.

New Menu Items

Photo: @shakeshacksg (Instagram)

But wait, there’s more. The new outlet’ll have exclusive menu items for you to try!

Enjoy a cold brew by Common Man Coffee, or try their hand-shaken lemonade, which blends lychee, mango, blueberry, and lemonade. Alternatively, you can go for their other lemonade, a sparkling version – which is a mix of passionfruit or raspberry, soda water, and lemonade.

There are also 2 new concretes or ice creams – the Pie-Oh-My which features chunks of Tarte’s treacle pecan pie in creamy vanilla custard, and the Orchard Traffic Jam, which is that same vanilla custard mixed with lemon curd, blueberry lavender jam, shortbread, and fresh blueberries. Mmm.

You can follow Shake Shack’s Instagram page for more details as the day draws nearer.


See you in the queue on 5th August – but remember to mask up and practice responsible social distancing!

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