COMING SOON: Famous American Sandwich Shop Eggslut In Singapore


  • Popular American sandwich shop Eggslut is coming to Singapore in 2021!
  • The brand is popular for its egg sandwiches, which are made with cage-free eggs. 
  • Popular items include the Fairfax sandwich, the Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich, and the Slut.
Photo: @eggslut (Instagram)

Egg sandwiches are a time-honoured classic that can never go wrong. Fried or scrambled or oozing glorious yellow yolk, slap an omelette of some kind between two pieces of lightly-toasted bread, and you have yourself a breakfast that’s not just totally Instagrammable, but also absolutely delicious. Which is why we’re excited that Eggslut’s egg sandwiches are coming to Singapore next year!

Photo: @eggslut (Instagram)

Eggslut Is Coming to Singapore

Photo: @eggslut (Instagram)

It started out as just your average breakfast-food food truck, but Eggslut steadily gained fame for its delectably creamy scrambled egg recipe. Now its brand has travelled to 5 countries, including Japan and Korea – and Singapore is the 6th destination on its road map.

We don’t have all the details yet, but we do know that the sandwich place plans to set up shop here in early 2021. And we’re thrilled!

Here are two of the things we’re looking forward to trying from them when the time comes:


Photo: @eggslut (Instagram)

This sandwich features Eggslut’s signature creamy scrambled eggs. (All the eggs are cage-free!) It’s topped with chives, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions and sriracha mayo in a warm brioche bun. And it looks absolutely mouthwatering. 

The Slut

Photo: @eggslut (Instagram)

This unique creation features eggy goodness in a slightly different way. What you get is a soft-boiled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, topped with grey salt and chives, in a pretty glass jar. It’s served with slices of toasted, golden baguette. And it looks amazing.

Can’t you just imagine breaking open that egg yolk and dipping your baguette into it? Mmm. 

We can’t wait for Eggslut to hit our shores next year! 

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