All-Time Fav Scrambled Egg Burger Returns To McDonald’s S’pore On 2nd September


  • McDonald’s Singapore is bringing back all-time favourite Scrambled Egg Burger.
  • Two versions are available Scrambled Egg Burger with Sausage, and Scrambled Egg Burger with Chicken.
  • Priced at $6.30 for Value Meal.
  • Available for a limited time only.

Just when we think that things couldn’t get any better at McDonald’s Singapore, the fast-casual franchise surprises us, again. A couple of days ago, McDonald’s had some cheesy announcement, noting that Minions will be returning to stores this September. The drop includes Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie and Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce. Behold, McDonald’s is now cooking up a storm for breakfast!

All-Time Fav Scrambled Egg Burger Returns

Photo: @mcdsg (Instagram)

Just announced 12 hours ago, McDonald’s post has been well-received with more than 230 shares at the time of this writing. Many people love the simplicity of this breakfast treat. It is decked with American cheese, fluffy scrambled eggs, your choice of patty, and sauce between two warm buns! Back for a limited time only, Scrambled Egg Burger is available in two versions.

Photo: @adayinellyslife (Instagram)

Check out Scrambled Egg Burger with Sausage, and Scrambled Egg Burger with Chicken. These breakfast meals are available for $6.30 via Value Meal. It comes with a side of a hashbrown, and a cup of coffee. Apart from Scrambled Egg Burger, the breakfast menu also offers Big Breakfast, Breakfast Wrap Sausage, and all-time favourite Sausage McMuffin with Egg! Breakfast starts at 7:00 a.m., daily.

Available In McDonald’s From 2nd September 2020

Photo: @adayinellyslife (Instagram)

Feel like having McDonald’s, but can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow? You can always treat yourself to the latest seasonal offerings including Spicy Chicken McNuggets for lunch. Don’t forget to complete the meal with Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, and so many more! What are you going to choose – Sausage or Chicken? Will you be inserting a hashbrown into your burger? Let us know in the comments!

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