Rotiboy Will Be Baking Aromatic Mexican Coffee Buns Soon At KINEX In Singapore

Legend has it that long before the island is packed with artisanal bakeries competing to create the best buns, Mexican Coffee Bun was a hit. It smells so good, it was able to lure people by the aromatic fragrance lingering in the air. Now, the pioneer is finally coming to our shores after a long hiatus! Are you excited?


Rotiboy Will Be Baking Aromatic Mexican Coffee Buns Soon

Photo: Rotiboy Malaysia (Facebook)

Currently, the nearest Rotiboy is across the bridge. It is unfortunate that we have to make our way to Johor just to have a bite. But, that wouldn’t be an issue for long! It turns out that Rotiboy will be finally opening at an outlet in Katong. Located in KINEX, Rotiboy’s hoarding board is finally up on the basement floor. It wouldn’t be long before the air will be filled with the aromatic fragrance of baked goods!

Rotiboy is super famous for making the best Mexican Coffee Buns. The pillowy bun has a cookie-like crust. Although the middle of the bun is pretty hollow, the inside is beautifully coated with butter. It has a hint of sweetness, and saltiness altogether. Best consumed when it is warm, Mexican Coffee Bun has been the go-to treat for breakfast for years.


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Apart from the signature bun, some other selections include Mochaboy, Buttermilkboy, and Cheeseboy. Expect similar textures, but in different flavours. We are truly excited that Rotiboy will be reopening in Singapore again. However, there is not much news regarding the opening. Social media platforms have yet to be updated, and so is the official website. Fret not, you will be the first to hear when it opens!

Opening Soon In KINEX At Katong

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