This Coffeehouse in S’pore Makes Mochi Donut With Soft Serve & Various Types of Croissant!

Brotherbird Coffeehouse is certainly one of the most famous bakeries cum cafes in Singapore. Past few months ago, it had moved to a new location, and industrial design looks swanky. The latest space is thoughtfully designed with a counter space showcasing their baked goods. The small seating area has hints of green from potted plants. Neat.


Mochi Donut With Soft Serve & Various Types of Croissant

One of the highlights at Brotherbird Coffeehouse is none other than its mochi donut with soft serve. Perfectly round in shape, the mochi donut has multi-texture. It is the perfect balance of crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside – thanks to the mochi. Be surprised by the crunch from the almond crumbled tucked in the middle, too. A real delight!

To prevent the mochi donut from getting soggy, a digestive biscuit is placed in between the mochi donut and soft serve. Every month, Brotherbird Coffeehouse offers different flavours for their soft-serve. Perfectly piped into a swirl, many have noted that the soft-serve feels a little bit icier than the usual soft-serve. This month, it is offering matcha flavour. Many netizens have noted that it is sweet with a bitter endnote.


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Apart from mochi donut, Brotherbird Coffeehouse is notable for its different types of croissants. Treat yourself to Raspberry Cheesecake Croissant, Matcha Almond Twice-Baked, Pain Au Chocolat, and many more. These croissants are definitely the real deal to unwind over the weekend with some coffee. Who are you going to visit Brotherbird Coffeehouse with?

Find All Of These At Brotherbird Coffeehouse

Address: 32 Bali Lane, Singapore 189868


Operating Hours: Daily except for Monday and Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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Cover Photo: @dessertbellies (Instagram), @sibeiyao (Instagram)


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