RedMart S’pore Releasing Limited Edition Black Hojicha Cornetto!

Black Hojicha?!

From 31 Jan, you’ll be able to find Black Hojicha Cornetto at Redmart S’pore! It will be available for purchase until 29 Feb, so if you want to get a taste, you’ll have to be quick! ?


In case you have no idea what Hojicha is, it is essentially roasted tea!

Popular Black Hojicha Cornetto Coming To RedMart S’pore On 31 Jan!

After making its rounds in neighbouring countries, the Black Hojicha Cornetto is finally here in Singapore! This unique flavour from Cornettto is Hojicha ice cream and chocolate balls in a black charcoal cone. A plus point is, it looks insta-worthy as well!

A Taste Of Black Hojicha

Redmart S'pore
Photo: ทำมาหา”แดก” (Facebook)

If you’re not someone who particularly enjoys roasted or earthy flavours, fret not. Many claim that the Hojicha taste is rather light, and the taste of chocolate is stronger in this!

As seen from the picture, a deep bite into the ice cream will reveal a stunning chocolate lava. ?

Only Available At RedMart For 30 Days!

Redmart S'pore
Photo: @bdgsociety (Instagram)

You can get your hands on this mouth-watering treat for just $2.40 for a single cone! You may also consider buying a multipack of three at $6.70 to share with your family and friends.

Black Hojicha Cornetto Available At RedMart S’pore from 31 Jan

Are you excited for the Black Hojicha Cornetto to finally come to Singapore? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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