BREAKING: Starbucks S’pore Releases NEW Valentines Day Collection + Drink!

Love Is In The Air!

With Valentines Day approaching us, Starbucks S’pore is releasing a limited edition drink as well as their 2020 Valentines Day Collection! 💌 These sweet-looking items are cute enough to melt anyone’s heart, & would make great gifts or even a treat for yourself!

You may purchase items from the Starbucks Valentines Day Collection on 20 Jan, while the limited edition drink will be available from 29 Jan!

Starbucks S’pore Releases NEW Valentines Day Collection & Limited Edition Drink!

To Keep Your Drinks Cool ❄️

Starbucks S'pore
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Two cold cups will be released for the Valentines Day Collection. The first one is a transparent plastic cup with unicorns, rainbows and cherries all over, while the second is a stainless steel cup with a similar cutesy print!

16oz clear cold cup ($22.90)
16oz stainless steel cold cup ($36.90)

Bottles & Tumblers 💗

Prices start from $26.90, and you can choose between 3 tumblers and 2 bottles! There are a variety of designs, but as you can see, the main theme here is pink!

Prices (left to right):
20oz clear bottle ($29.90)
16oz tumbler ($26.90)
13oz stainless steel bottle ($36.90)
12oz stainless steel tumbler ($39.90)
16oz stainless steel tumbler ($45.90)

Have Your Drinks Warm, & Your Heart Even Warmer! ☕

Starbucks S'pore
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

The pastel pink Hearts Mug pretty much screams Valentines Day! It has a unique heart-shaped base & is sadly, only available at selected outlets. Alternatively, you may opt for the Cupcake Heart Mug for that something extra! The lid of the mug resembles cupcake frosting. Isn’t that just adorable?

12oz Hearts Mug ($24.90)
3oz Cupcake Heart Mug ($24.90)

Heart Shaped Cards ❤️

Starbucks S'pore
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

In this collection of Starbucks’ seasonal cards, look forward to 5 new designs! Including these in your Valentines Day gifts would be a good idea to give it a little more spark ✨

Starbucks S’pore Limited Edition Blueberry Dark Mocha Frappuccino

Starbucks S'pore
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Without Chocolate, is Valentines Day even Valentines Day 😱? This Blueberry Dark Mocha Frappuccino has a sweet blend of blueberries and Dark Mocha, and is topped off with whipped cream.

You may purchase this drink for $8.20 (tall size), & it’ll be available from 29 January!

Starbucks S’pore Releases NEW Valentines Day Collection & Limited Edition Drink!

Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love & affection. Don’t just stop at showing affection to your S.O, remember to show your friends, family & also yourself some love! 🌹 The Singapore Foodie Team wishes everyone an awfully sweet time this year!

*Refer to the Starbucks S’pore Website to see which outlets carry the designs you like!

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