This Famous Stall At Circuit Road Serves One Of The Best Soup Tulang Merah In S’pore!

One of the staples in Malay cuisine is Soup Tulang Merah- and Rabia Muslim Food serves one of the best in Singapore! They have been serving this same dish (amongst other classic Malay dishes) for decades- and it goes to show that their food has survived the test of time! Their dishes are a must-try! They are finally reopened their doors last Sunday (20th March) after a month’s hiatus, so come on down!

Legendary Stall At Circuit Road

Photo: @rabiamuslimfood (Instagram)

This stall has been operating since 1970, serving classic Malay food- ranging from noodles both dry and soup, a variety of Fried Rice dishes, western-style food and lastly soup dishes. This stall embodies a comforting and homely environment. Nothing represents this feeling like Tulang Merah! It is rich and spiced generously! Rabia Muslim Food puts a lot of love and care into their food, making sure every customer feels welcomed! It also helps that their food is unbelievably delicious!

Image: @rabiamuslimfood (Instagram)

You have many options in regards to dishes at Rabia Muslim Food. However, the best dish they serve is their Tulang Merah ($5.50)! It is rich with lamb flavour, cooked for hours to render all the fat- imparting the meaty taste into the broth. What not many people know, however, Tulang Merah is made by adding spices into their Kambing Soup ($4.50) and cooking it down- to the point where the soup turns red and transforms into a rich, glossy gravy. Paired with a fluffy Baguette, you can’t get a better combo! They made an already delicious dish and evolved it into something out of this world!

Rich And Succulent Tulang Merah


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Tulang Merah and Kambing Soup are some of their best dishes! The key to having its iconic flavour is the amount of time put into it. A common mistake whilst making Kambing Soup would be to stop the cooking too early- likely due to the fear of overcooking. But with patience, the meat will be extremely tender, the broth rich with umami and lamb flavour, and that is what Rubia Muslim Food has achieved! They have spent years perfecting their craft and it shows in the quality of their dishes!


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Also if you’re in a mood for something else, you could have their other Malay dishes. We recommend their Mee Goreng ($4) which is very delicious and satisfying, Kway Teow Goreng ($4) which is smoky with chewy noodles and their Nasi Goreng Mutton ($4.50), which has tender mutton chunks cooked into the Fried Rice, imparting its sweet and meaty flavour into the dish! Those are only a handful of options, so come on down and explore!

Hurry Down To Rubia Muslim Food!

The stall has recently reopened. Due to this, it is very likely that the queue would be very long- due to return customers. They open at 11 am but we suggest coming around 1 pm to avoid the crowd! Get excited about their grand return!

Address: 79A Circuit Rd, #01-96, Singapore 370079

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Cover Photo:@rabiamuslimfood (Instagram)

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