Prices Of Musang King Durians In S’pore Falls To $12/kg Due To Large Supply!

Ladies and Gents, do we have some news for you! Are you a lover of all things Durian? Do you enjoy the legendary fruit that people both love and despise? Luckily for you, the prices of Musang King Durian have dropped to a staggering $12/kg! This is a record low for such a high-quality Durian! Hurry and get yourself some today as this price applies to most Durian stalls!


Musang King Durians Price Fall To $12

Photo: 164 Durian Hut (Facebook)

The sudden price drop of one of the greatest Durian varieties is due to the huge supply of Durians imported from Malaysia, with fruits deriving from Pahang and Johor. It has been a fruitful season for Durians as the amount available could last for weeks! To ensure not a single Durian goes to waste, stall owners across Singapore have been selling at up to a 60% discount. This is likely the lowest price has dropped for the premium Musang King Durian.

Image: The Durian Tree (Facebook)

While there are many examples, one stall in Bukit Batok Street 11 is selling their Musang King for as low as $12 per kg! Also, most local Durian stalls are likely offering some form of promotion- whether it be a buy 1-Get-3 free, more discounts or other deals! For the first time, stall owners are actively trying to sell as many Durians as possible due to the amount of stock they have!

Head To Your Nearest Durian Stall Today!

This might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, where Durian prices are cheaper than ever! We suggest trying the more premium varieties as this might be your only chance to have a taste. What are you waiting for? Hurry down to your local stalls today!

Cover Photo: 164 Durian Hut (Facebook), The Durian Tree (Facebook)

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