Malaysia Export Ban For Kampong Chicken & Black Chicken Has Been Lifted And Will Be Available For Purchase From June 15 Onwards!

The past two weeks have been difficult for chicken lovers. What with Malaysia’s ban on chicken sales. Worry not! Kee Song Group, known for supplying chicken in many local Singapore markets, has reported that purchasing Kampong Chicken and Black Chicken will be available from June 15 onwards! Also, credits to 8视界新闻新加坡 8world News for discovering this information!

Malaysia Export Ban Lifted

Photo: Kee Song Group (Facebook)

With Malaysia banning exports of chicken to Singapore, there has been a shortage of chicken in many markets and businesses. As you may well know, some restaurants had to cease serving chicken dishes due to the rise in prices! But with the ban lifted, we can expect prices to reduce over the next coming weeks!

Image: Kee Song Group (Facebook)

Kee Song has been supplying chicken in Singapore for years. Even during the export ban, they continue to supply chickens in most supermarkets! It is no surprise that Kee Song can gather this information so quickly as they are at the heart of the chicken sale industry! Do keep tabs on their Facebook and even their TikTok for any more news regarding this matter.

Look Forward To Fresh Chicken From Kee Song Group Tomorrow!

While the export ban has been lifted, do note that prices will not drop that quickly and will likely take a few weeks before prices are back to normal! Do check their Facebook for more updates and other news!

Cover Photo: Kee Song Group (Facebook)

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