Popeyes Offering Deals (1-For-1, Free 4pc Tenders, Bundles & More!) With Savings Up To 45% From Now Till Jan 31!

Celebrate the new year with irresistible deals from Popeyes! For the entire month of January, save up to 45% with numerous promotions on the Popeyes SG App! With plenty of deals to choose from the entire month, go ahead and order to your heart’s content! Furthermore, you can find app-exclusive deals and earn Popeyes Points for Dine-in, Takeaway, and Delivery Orders!

Popeyes SG App Promotion (From Now Till Jan 31)

Photo: Popeyes
Image: Popeyes

To order these attractive deals, simply enter the specific promo code when you check out on the Popeyes SG App! Additionally, each promo code can only be redeemed once per transaction. 

Here’s a screenshot of the Popeyes SG App Homepage:

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Click here to download the Popeyes SG App and enjoy a $5 voucher for first-time users! You’ll never have to wait in line for your favourite Popeyes chicken again! 

Image: Singapore Foodie

Popeyes uses only fresh chicken across all menu items, ensuring every piece you get is of the best quality! The chicken is hand-battered and breaded in a buttermilk coating after being marinated for 12 hours. It is then deep-fried, resulting in a crispy golden brown delight that bursts in juiciness and flavour with every bite!

6 Irresistible Deals For You To Enjoy

Let’s take a look at these amazing deals:

1. Value Tender & Burger Bundle (Now till Jan 31)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

For the Value Tender & Burger Bundle, the meal comes with 4 chicken tenders, 2 burgers (choice of Cajun/ Creole/ Fish), 1 Mac N Cheese, and 1 Red Mashed Potatoes. With the promotion price being $14.90 (U.P $23.60), you get to save 43% on this deal! It’s definitely a steal! Simply enter the code “Vtendburg” to order! Do note this bundle is available only for dine-in and takeaway! 

2. Chicky Cheesy Bundle (Now till Jan 31)

Image: Singapore Foodie

Dig into the Chicky Cheese Bundle for some cheesy goodness! This cheesy meal comes with 4pc chicken, 1 Large Cheese Fries, 1 Mac N Cheese and  2 cans of Pepsi! For dine-in/takeaway, enjoy it at only $16.90 (U.P $29.30) and $18.90 (U.P $32.20) for delivery! This allows you to save up to 39% on this deal! Simply enter the code “chicheesy” for both dine-in and takeaway and “chicheesy2” for delivery to order! 

3. Free 4pc Chic Tenders w Purchase of 6pc Chicken + 2 Lg Sides (Now till Jan 31)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

This deal is definitely for all you fried chicken lovers! Enjoy four pieces of chicken tenders for free when you order a 6 pc Chicken and 2 Large Sides (Mash & Coleslaw) bundle! Enjoy this glorious meal for only $21.90 for both dine-in/takeaway and delivery! With savings of up to 45%, simply enter “FREE4tend” at checkout to order this today! 

4. Sharing Bundle (Now till Jan 31)

Image: Singapore Foodie

This bundle is perfect for a meal with your friends and family! Feeding up to 5 pax, enjoy 6 pieces of chicken, 4pc Tenders, 2 Chicken Sandwiches, and 1 Large Mashed Potatoes. Additionally, wash down this tasty meal with 2 cans of Pepsi! Available only for delivery, enjoy this bundle at only $36.90 (U.P $61.30), meaning you save 40%! Enter “Share4care” upon checkout and order this irresistible deal today! 

5. 1-For-1 Larged Mashed Potatoes (Jan 4 to 17)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Enjoy two of Popeyes’ popular Mashed Potatoes for the price of one! Simply enter “2mash22” upon checkout to enjoy it at $3.70 for dine-in/takeaway and $4.30 for delivery! The perfect side dish for your delectable fried chicken, hurry and order it today! 

6. 2 Large Fries For $5.50 (Jan 18 to 31)

Image: Singapore Foodie

Of course, no Popeyes meal is complete without some of their signature fries! Enjoy 2 large fries for only $5.50 with this upcoming deal! Available for both dine-in/takeaway and delivery, enter code “2fries22” when checking out to order! 

On top of all these amazing deals, receive a free $3 voucher for your next purchase with every order above! 

Download The Popeyes SG App And Redeem These Deals!

Be sure to download the Popeyes SG App now to find many more app-exclusive deals, redeem rewards, earn points and enjoy a $5 voucher for first-time users! Hurry and redeem these amazing deals while stocks last!

Cover Photo: Popeyes, Singapore Foodie

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