Old Chang Kee Releases Bak Kwa Chicken Puff, Pineapple Pie & More From Now Till Feb 13!

Usher in the Lunar New Year with delectable CNY-themed delights from Old Chang Kee! From now till Feb 13, dig into the Dengdeng Bak Kwa Chicken’O, Heng Heng Pineapple Pie, and Ha Ha Tiger Prawn OnStik! Let’s have a closer look at these tasty treats!

 Bak Kwa Chicken’O

Photo: Old Chang Kee

The Dengdeng Bak Kwa Chicken’O ($2.60) is definitely one to look out for! This buttery puff pastry is made with halal-certified premium BBQ chicken meat, with a medley of spices to give you the familiar taste of actual bak kwa! Each puff is stamped with one of four unique auspicious characters so try your luck to see which you get!

Image: Old Chang Kee
Photo: Old Chang Kee

These are what the four auspicious Chinese characters mean, according to Old Chang Kee:

  • 興 (xìng): Prosperous
  • 旺 (wàng): Flourishing
  • 發 (fā): Become rich and lucky
  • 财 (cái): Incoming wealth

Pineapple Pie

Image: Old Chang Kee
Photo: Old Chang Kee

For fans of pineapple tarts, you might want to check out this sweet treat! The Heng Heng Pineapple Pie ($1.60), comes with a sweet pineapple filling encased in a flaky epok-epok puff pastry. In Hokkien, pineapple is called “ong lai”, which represents “the arrival of fortune”, making it one of the auspicious ingredients during Chinese New Year!

Tiger Prawn OnStik

Image: Old Chang Kee


Last but not least, ushering in the year of the tiger is the Ha Ha Tiger Prawn OnStik ($1.90)! For fans of ngo hiang, you will definitely love this! Each skewer comes with two pieces which are made from minced tiger prawns, fish meat, water chestnut, and spring onions. Encased in beancurd skin, it is deep-fried to a crispy golden brown to give you one irresistible treat! In Cantonese, the word for prawn is pronounced “ha”, which sounds like laughter and symbolizes happiness for the new year.

Hurry Down To Old Chang Kee Today!

All three items are halal-certified and available at all outlets and delivery platforms so hurry get them while stocks last! What are you waiting for? Hurry down to your nearest Old Chang Kee outlet today!

Cover Photo: Old Chang Kee

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