This Home-Based Business At Sengkang Has Packed To The Edge Japanese Rice Sandwiches

Unique Japanese Rice Sandwiches To Try!

When you think of a sandwich, what ingredients usually come to mind? Tuna? Grilled Cheese? Or maybe the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly. Over the years, these classic sandwiches have been elevated by the influence of the different cuisines of the world. One such example is Japanese Sandwiches. You might be thinking to yourself, “Japanese Sandwiches? Got rice inside ah?’ Well, Onigirazu is a home-based business that precisely serves that! Situated at Sengkang, they serve tasty Instagrammable Japanese rice sandwiches.

Onigirazu: Japanese Rice Sandwiches

Onigirazu wraps their sandwiches with rice and seaweed instead of using conventional bread. Fun fact, Onigirazu is also the name of the sandwich! It is wrapped on the outside with seaweed and rice with various fillings inside. Unlike the Onigiri with traditional fillings, the Onigirazu has more Japanese-styled sandwich fillings.

The Onigiri is typically shaped into a ball or triangle, while the Onigirazu is shaped into a flat rectangle, almost resembling a sandwich. You can essentially think of the Onigirazu as a hybrid Japanese rice ball sandwich.

Onigirazu’s Popular Sandwiches

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One of Onigirazu’s popular sandwiches is the Tamago Chashu ($12), filled with roasted pork chashu, hanjuku egg, and drizzled with a sweet-salty sauce. The chashu was pleasantly tender and the hanjuku egg was perfectly cooked. Additionally, it added a delightfully soft and creamy texture. Some reviews say that the egg is too salty and the sauce is a tad overpowering. However, it is still up to personal preference so do order it to judge yourself.

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Another popular item is the Oni-Gyu-Razu ($14), which includes a thin slab of seared striploin, fried egg, and soy caramelized onions. The sweetness of the onions really complemented the tender striploin and the egg yolk added the perfect creaminess. Additionally, you can bring your sandwich to another level by adding truffle oil for an extra $2. For those who love their protein, this sandwich is certain to hit the spot.


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Order These Scrumptious Sandwiches Now!

Onigirazu offers both self-collection and islandwide delivery services. Self-collection is located at Sengkang and no minimum order is required. For delivery (min order 2 pcs), there is a base charge of $6. Distances greater than 15 kilometers are an additional $3 and require a minimum purchase of $40. On top of that, there is an extra $7 charge for deliveries to Sentosa or Tuas. Hurry and order yours today!

Place your orders now by contacting them on their Instagram! 

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Cover Photo: @feedmethatnow (Instagram), @a.hungry.mum (Instagram)

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