Sando Offers Symmetrical Japanese Sandwiches That Looks Really Satisfying In S’pore

For the past few months, sandwiches have been on the rise. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing sandwiches nicely cut into halves on the Internet.

Photo: @sandosingapore (Instagram)

But, if you can’t make them yourself, where can you find these beautiful creations? Well, you can check out Sando.

Sando Offers Symmetrical Japanese Sandwiches

Photo: @sandosingapore (Instagram)

According to Google, the word, ‘sando’, is a Japanese word for sandwich, and it often describes Japanese pork cutlet sandwich.

Photo: @sandosingapore (Instagram)

Unlike the Western style of sandwiches, sando appears to be much cleaner with lesser sauce. When it is cut in halves, it will give us a glimpse of the juicy patty tucked in the middle.

Photo: @sandosingapore (Instagram)

Find the beautiful creations at Sando, parked in Alexandra Technopark. This spot offers a wide variety of sandos. Some choices include Menchi Katsu, Pork Katsu, Braised Chashu, Tori Karaage – to name a few.

Photo: @sandosingapore (Instagram)

The price ranges from $5 to $12.50, depending on the type of sando itself.

Sandwiches Delivered To Your Doorstep

Photo: @sandosingapore (Instagram)

Apart from dining in, Sando offers delivery, too. So, when you’re working at home and craving for some sando goodness, you can always check out its official website.

Address: 438C Alexandra Road 01-04/04A, Singapore 119976

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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