Awesome Heritage Dine-In Experience In Singapore (Known For Their Baked Herbal Chicken!)

Founded by Chong’s Yong Tau Foo and Pokpok Keh Pink Salt Chicken, Nanyang Culinary Club is a casual eatery that dishes out a variety of homely dishes. Coupled with their heritage decor that gives off old-school rustic charm vibes, there’s no better place in Little India to enjoy affordable local food while bopping along to Xinyao tunes.

Nanyang Culinary Club’s Heritage Dine-In Experience In Singapore!

Photo: @tonghengsg (Instagram)

The Pokpok Keh Pink Salt Chicken is a huge fan favourite here at Nanyang Culinary Club. Using only top-quality kampung chicken, the meat is prepared using Himalayan pink salt and premium herbs. Each Pokpok Keh is baked until fork-tender before serving.

Known For Their Hakka Yong Tao Foo And Baked Herbal Chicken

Photo: @tonghengsg (Instagram)

There are four flavours available, including the Ginseng Pink Salt Chicken (S$29) and Bazhen Pink Salt Black Chicken (S$23), Original Pink Salt Chicken (S$29), and Bak Kut Teh Pink Salt Chicken (S$29). What’s more! Each flavour comes with a different set of health benefits.

Those dining in groups definitely has to order a whole chicken to share as a communal dish. For diners visiting smaller parties, the Chicken Bento Set is a pocket-friendly option that features the best of what Nanyang Culinary Club has to offer.

The set consists of a pink salt whole chicken leg, lava egg, seasoned cucumbers, rice, and a special chilli sauce.

Photo: @naoo.ji (Instagram)

Another amazing dish here is the Hakka Yong Tau Foo. Served with a side of Hakka minced pork noodles, the QQ noodles are a great complement your chosen ingredients in a collagen-rich broth. Apart from classic Yong Tau Foo ingredients, you can add on Fried Hakka Pork Balls (S$7.90), and Fried Mini Ngoh Hiang (S$7.90) to complete your meal.

Photo: @naoo.ji (Instagram)

Address: 8 Perak Rd, Singapore 208129

Operating Hours: Mondays, 11 am – 4:30 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 9 pm

Cover Photo: Tong Heng Traditional Chinese Pastries Singapore, @tonghengsg (Instagram), @naoo.ji (Instagram)

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