MUST-VISIT: Japanese Dessert Cafe in S’pore That Serves More Than 80 Matcha Items!

Matchaya: Japanese Dessert Cafe That Serves All Things Matcha!

Although there have been multiple Japanese Cafes popping up around Singapore, Matchaya has managed to enjoy quite a following. Since it first started out at Icon Village, they have attracted huge crowds at their pop-up events and kiosks. Ever since then, they have shut down their booth concept operations and branched out to a full-fledge cafe concept at The Cathay!

Matchaya Is A Japanese Dessert Cafe That Serves More Than 80 Items Made With Matcha!

Photo: @matchayasg (Instagram)

Matchaya is the go-to place when you’re craving for anything matcha. There, you will get nothing but high-quality and authentic Matcha based desserts and beverages!

Photo: @matchayasg (Instagram)
Photo: @matchayasg (Instagram)

Besides an extremely extensive menu, Matchaya at The Cathay also has a designated section where Matcha and a variety of tea are freshly whisked and prepared! In addition, all of the freshly made beverages served at Matchaya are made with Matcha that is specially sourced from the finest tea farms in Japan.

Interesting & Unique Matcha Beverages!

Photo: @matchayasg (Instagram)
Photo: @matchayasg (Instagram)

A definite must-try would be their Burnt Shizuoka Oolong, Matcha Chokoreto, and Genmaicha! The Matcha flavor was fragrant and distinct with every sip, making it absolutely refreshing and addictive!

Matcha Pastries & Desserts That Are To Die For!

Photo: @matchayasg (Instagram)
Photo: @matchayasg (Instagram)

The desserts and pastries at Matchaya is a definite must-try! One of their signatures is the Koicha Azuki Roll Cake ($6/slice). Made of ceremonial Matcha and Chantilly cream, Azuki Red Beans and 100% activated charcoal sponge cake, this dessert is absolutely premium. Definitely worth the price, and the calories!

You could also opt for their Matcha Yuzu Tart ($8.50)! And for non-matcha lovers, you go for the Black Sesame Mille Crepe Cake ($8.50) or Lavender Earl Grey Mill Crepe Cake ($9). With moist cream in between the soft and delicate layers of crepe, it is the perfect sweet treat!

Matchaya Is The Perfect Dessert Cafe For All Matcha Lovers!

Photo: @matchayasg (Instagram)

Matcha lover or not, Matchaya is definitely worth the visit! With an extremely extensive menu of matcha and non-matcha desserts, it satisfies anyone and everyone. Therefore, why not head on down for dessert after you’re done with dinner at town with friends, or simply just chill and hangout!

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