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10 Most Insta-Worthy Spots in Singapore 2020

Picture-perfect places!

Instagram has become a place for all to document our best pictures. You might think it’d be difficult to find Insta-Worthy spots in Singapore, but we’ve compiled a list of 10 for you to check out!

10 Insta-Worthy Spots in Singapore 2020

1. The Summer House

The Summer House Singapore Insta-worthy
Photo: @thesummerhousesg (Instagram)
Insta worthy
Photo: @thesummerhousesg (Instagram)

The Summer House is a dining space perfect for those seeking a truly unique experience. Because of its exotic location, this place doesn’t even look like it’s in Singapore. However, we suggest you don’t get too caught up in snapping shots, you should also enjoy a stroll in their edible garden while you’re there!

Address: 3 Park Ln, Singapore 798387

3. Marina Square Maze

 insta-worthy Marina Square Maze
Photo: @choleetham (Instagram)
Insta Worthy
Photo: @hotelgsingapore (Instagram)

The Marina Square Maze is technically an emergency fire escape route…but it’s structured just like a maze! While taking pictures from the inside might not be very interesting, photos from the top are sure to get you lots of comments asking where this is! But there’s one thing we can’t help you with — finding the way out.

Location: Cross the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and look for a spiral staircase

3. Pulau Ubin Quarries

Pulau Ubin Quarries Insta Worthy insta-worthy
Photo: @w_o_r_l_d_views (Instagram)
Insta Worthy
Photo: @abiegal (Instagram)

Pulau Ubin is the perfect place for a short getaway. With its rich greenery and breathtaking view, it’s definitely a place you should visit to get that iconic “cliff” instagram shot! Additionally, you can also engage in the various activities available in Pulau Ubin after getting those insta-worthy pictures!

Address: 758B Pulau Ubin, 508378

4. Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Raffles Marina Lighthouse insta-worthy
Photo: @noor_achmadi (Instagram)
Raffles Marina Lighthouse Insta Worthy
Photo: @alvin.gram (Instagram)

This (still functioning) lighthouse is located all the way at Tuas. The blue & white tones are especially great for those trying to maintain a cool-toned feed. Apart from taking pictures at the Lighthouse, the Tuas Second Link bridge in the back also makes for an interesting background.

Address: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404

5. The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit Insta Worthy insta-worthy
Photo: @jujujujuju_liet (Instagram)
The White Rabbit
Photo: @kelvintayhc (Instagram)

The White Rabbit prides itself for being Singapore’s most enchanting European wonderland. It is a restaurant and bar housed in a restored 1930s chapel located at the iconic Dempsey Hill in Singapore. Additionally, its grand decor and its “Rabbit Hole” makes this place extra Insta-Worthy!

Address: 39C Harding Rd, Singapore 249541

6. Tan Teng Niah’s House in Little India

TTT House Insta Worthy insta-worthy
Photo: @airasia_bhsindonesia (Instagram)
Tan Teng Niah House Insta Worthy
Photo: @curlytraveller (Instagram)

While this house is situated at Little India, its original owner was actually a prominent Chinese businessman. This building is one of the last surviving Chinese villas in Little India! If you’re looking for a place to add more vibrant colours to your instagram feed, this is it!

Address: 37 Kerbau Rd, Singapore 219168

7. Singapore Sports Hub

Singapore Sports Hub Insta-Worthy
Photo: The Honeycombers
Photo: The Honeycombers

If you’re looking for a place to take sporty-looking/athletic pictures, consider Singapore Sports Hub! One iconic picture spot would be their tricoloured running track. Plus, all the negative space will surely add depth to your Instagram photos!

Address: Stadium Crescent next to the Singapore Indoor Stadium (Location Code: I28)

8. Chinese & Japanese Gardens

Japanese Chinese Gardens
Photo: @geopoteet (Instagram)
Chinese Japanese Gardens insta-worthy
Photo: @pandatraveler (Instagram)

Teleport out of Singapore by visiting the serene Chinese & Japanese gardens in Singapore! Snap a few photos here and you’ll have people asking if you’re on holiday or out of the country!

Address: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795

9. Little Guilin (Bukit Batok Town Park)

Little Guilin
Photo: @marah.kara (Instagram)
Little Guilin insta-worthy
Photo: @the_infrequenttraveller (Instagram)

Little Guilin is known for its scenic view. Whether you’re looking to take photos of yourself or the scenery, this is a must-visit place! Here’s a fun fact: the local drama, The Return of the Condor Heroes was  actually filmed here!

Address: Bukit Batok East Ave 5, Singapore 650242

10. Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Kampong Loring Buangkok insta-worthy
Photo: @shaanclickz (Instagram)
Photo: @2wheelloafer (Instagram)

Kampong Lorong Buangkok is the last surviving village in Singapore. Although there are still residents here, we’re not sure if this place will be here forever. The entire area just evokes a sense of nostalgia, making it a great photo spot. However, it’s important to remember to be mindful and not disturb the residents still living there!

Address: Kampong Lorong Buangkok, 7 Lor Buangkok, Singapore 547557

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10 Insta-Worthy Spots in Singapore!

Singapore, being a small country, might lead to us feeling like there isn’t much for us to explore. Nevertheless, there are still many beautiful places we probably have yet to visit. We hope this list of Insta-Worthy places was useful in helping you decide which photoshoot location to visit next!

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