Modesto’s To Stay Open For A Few More Weeks Due to Popular Demand


  • Modesto’s had previously planned to close down both its Orchard outlets – but have decided that their Orchard Rendezvous Hotel restaurant will stay open a little longer.
  • This decision was due to popular demand!
  • The restaurant is raising money for retrenched employees before they shut down.

Photo: Modesto’s Singapore (Facebook)

If you’re an Italian food enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of Modesto’s. Serving everything from authentic Italian wood-fired pizza to homemade pasta made it a favourite among Singaporeans craving a taste of carbonara or aglio olio. That’s why so many were devastated when the restaurant was set to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But fret not! If you wanted one last chance to visit Modesto’s when Phase 2 kicks into motion at the end of June (well, hopefully), now you can!

New Closing Down Date Due To Popular Demand

After receiving requests from customers hoping for a final dine-in meal when Phase 2 begins, Modesto’s has decided to stay open until at least June 30th – with the final deadline being July 5th.

“The main reason [for the decision] is that we have received many requests to see if we can stay open a bit longer to allow our long-time customers a last chance to enjoy a meal on our premises once phase 2 kicks in,” Modesto’s owner, Ashok Melwani, said in an interview with

It’s a sad end to a restaurant that has been operating for the past 23 years. But chin up, Foodies – at least you now have until the end of June to eat from the restaurant! It’s not the same, but we all eventually have to give in to the inevitable. Why not do it while supporting a local restaurant?

Helping Retrenched Employees

Despite their own struggles with business, Modesto’s is raising money to help their retrenched employees tide over these difficult times.

20 percent of all pick-up and direct delivery sales will now be going into a retrenchment fund for Modesto’s ex-employees, as Melwani does his best to help them through the COVID-19 period. It’s an admirable effort – we should all be doing our part to help those who need it during these uncertain months, after all!

Having said that, here’s how you can help. Modesto’s currently has a $10-$15 delivery fee, but this delivery fee can be waived for orders of $75 and above. Customers can opt to pay the full fee still if they want to help out, though.

What we’re hearing is that there’s a chance to order from your favourite restaurant while still doing something for a good cause!

So what are you waiting for? Order your final meal from Modesto’s – and help your fellow Singaporeans in the process! This pandemic may be inconveniencing some of us, but it won’t dampen our spirit of giving!

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