This Famous Stall At Newton Food Centre Serves Scrumptious Cereal Prawns!

Newton Food Centre is famous in Singapore for having a great variety of different local dishes. But one stall stands out over the others! Modern Grill Seafood serves some of Singapore’s greatest seafood dishes! From fresh and bright, to sweet and savoury- the food combinations at this stall in nigh unlimited! If you’re wanting to curb your seafood cravings, there is no better place!

Scrumptious Cereal Prawn At Newton Food Centre

Photo: newtonfoodcentre36 (Facebook)

This stall has been open since 2014 and for years, they have served quality seafood dishes to this day! When you head to this stall, you could see them preparing their fish, tiger prawns and other seafood right in front of you! It goes to show that every single dish on their menu contains fresh ingredients cooked with lots and lots of love! The service is also fantastic! The owner is extremely welcoming and would give you his recommendations on different dishes that you may enjoy.

Image: Singapore Foodie

The food is nothing short of exceptional. You may find many dishes on their menu, and it may seem overwhelming, but we suggest asking the owner what they would recommend! Also, this stall is a local hotspot and most of the dishes are very customizable. You could choose between rice, noodles or simply the dish itself. The level of spice is another popular aspect of Modern Grill Seafood! With so many different choices to choose from, you’d have to come back and try them all!

One Of The Best Seafood Spots In S’pore

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The dish that many returns for are their Cereal Prawn ($20.00). They use fresh and huge prawns that are sourced fresh daily! It is coated in seasoned corn starch and flash-fried in its wok. It gives the already sweet and juicy prawn an added layer of texture. They then cook it further with their cereal mix that has Thai basil, Bird’s Eye Chilli and other seasonings.

Image: Singapore Foodie

The dish overall is classic and simple. The prawn is cooked to perfection. The outer skin is crisp and you can eat the whole prawn whole if you wanted to. The meat itself is unbelievably sweet, juicy and meaty. This dish is unctuous, so we do recommend you share this with your friends and family- with a side of rice of course! The cereal itself has a good amount of seasoning and adds another layer of sweetness and savouriness.

Hurry Down And Try Modern Grill Stall Today!

Do note that Newton Food Centre is often packed with people. We suggest coming around 2pm to avoid large crowds and of course, bring your friends and family to enjoy their signature dish! Come on to Modern Grill Stall down today!

Address: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-36, Singapore 229495

Operating Hours: Daily except for Thurs, 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: newtonfoodcentre36 (Facebook), Singapore Foodie

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