Metropolitan YMCA: The Hidden Gem in S’pore For Western & Asian Delights!

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the YMCA – likely through the famous song from years ago. Not many of us know that we actually have more than one branch of YMCA in Singapore! One of the outlets is nestled in the up-class area of Stevens Road, going by the official name of the Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA).

Though unassuming, the restaurant nestled in the lobby of the MYMCA serves one of the best renditions of fish and chips I’ve ever tried, and some surprisingly delicious local dishes. With no official name of its own, the Metropolitan YMCA Restaurant a hidden foodie’s paradise right in the heart of Singapore!

MYMCA Restaurant: Singapore’s Best Hidden Gem Restaurant

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The open-concept restaurant has a contemporary theme, with padded cloth chairs and cozily-clustered tables. The red and gray colour scheme adds to the urban vibes of the place, and is an eye-catching sight as soon as you walk into the lobby of the MYMCA.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The interior of the restaurant shows a minimalistic buffet-style setup, but the main stars of this understated joint are their amazing a-la-carte dishes. They serve a good mix of Asian and Western dishes, including local desserts and drinks. However, do note that their Asian Kitchen closes from 2.30pm to 6pm daily.

The restaurant has a nice welcoming atmosphere, with friendly and helpful service staff and a clean, vibrant environment. Additionally, all net surpluses from the restaurant helps fund the community outreach programmes organised by the MYMCA. As such, patronage of the restaurant allows you to enjoy great food while helping to make a difference 😊

Best Dishes At MYMCA Restaurant That You MUST Try!

1. Fish & Chips

Photo: Singapore Foodie

While it is quite a common dish on restaurant menus, I can guarantee you that nowhere does Fish & Chips ($14.50) like they do here. Personally, this is my favourite spot for Fish & Chips in Singapore. Their portions of fish are consistently huge, atop a bed of McDonalds-standard shoestring fries. The breading on the fish is nice and crunchy, giving way to absurdly moist and tender flesh on the inside.

The fish is not just fork-tender, the meat is so soft that it’s actually difficult to pick up. It tastes nice and light, without an overly fishy flavour that may be off-putting to some. While it’s not the cheapest plate of fish and chips, the portion here is nearly two times the usual size. It’s great for sharing, or for big eaters – one plate of this is enough to fill you up!

2. Claypot Chicken Rice

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The Claypot Chicken Rice ($12) is another tasty favourite at this restaurant. For it’s price, the ingredients provided are generous, including big slices of lup cheong and a good amount of bite-sized chicken chunks. The dish is prepared upon order, so some wait time is required, but it’s definitely worth the wait!

The crunchy bottom layer of rice adds to the textures in the dish, and gives it a nice smoky flavour. It may not be the best in Singapore, but it sure is a good and affordable pot of claypot chicken rice.

3. Claypot Fish Head Curry

Photo: Lilian L (Burpple)

As the best-seller in the MYMCA restaurant, the Claypot Fish Head Curry ($28.50) is good enough a reason to make the trip down. The curry is nice and lemak, and has a surprising kick which most fish head curries tend to lack. It’s reasonably priced, being able to feed a few hungry adults with half a Snapper fish head and a copious amount of vegetables, fried yam and tau pok.

The fish meat was tender and paired nicely with the thick curry, but the star of the show for me was the yam. The fried yam sticks provided a nice firm texture to the dish, and soaked up the curry well to create delightful explosions of flavour.

4. Nasi Goreng

Photo: kopikosonggirl (Instagram)

To round off the must-try list, the Indonesian Nasi Goreng ($14.50) is a good, value-for-money option at the MYMCA Restaurant. The dish offers a heaping serving of indonsian-style fried rice, wok-fried with shrimp, eggs and an assortment of vegetables. It also includes sizeable pieces of juicy Sambal Prawns and two sticks of Chicken Satay. Paired with the usual crispy keropok and sour-spicy acar pickles, the dish is a simple, yet tasty plate of nasi goreng.

Enjoy Generous Portions & Good Food At MYMCA Restaurant, Singapore!

For those of you on the constant hunt for new food spots to try, the Metropolitan YMCA restaurant is a great place to add to your list! This underrated restaurant is great for relaxing with good company in a cozy ambience, accompanied by tasty food and attentive service.

Despite its seemingly ulu location, the MYMCA is actually just a six-minute walk from Stevens MRT station. Additionally, they provide shuttle services, so do check out the timings if you’re not that keen on walking in the sweltering heat. Enjoy! 😜

Location: Metropolitan YMCA, 60 Stevens Road, Singapore 257854

Opening Hours: 7am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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