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LATEST in March 2020: All The Food Delivery Promo Codes In Singapore (STAY HOME IF YOU CAN!)

All The Food Delivery Deals For You To Enjoy This March!

Staying in at home means keeping yourself safe, as well as your family. But if you’re worried about not being able to satisfy your cravings while you stay home, fret not! Here at the compiled food delivery promo codes available this month!

From GrabFood, FoodPanda, Deliveroo, WhyQ, To Mcdonald’s, KFC & Pizza Hut!

1. GrabFood

Photo: @grabfoodsg (Instagram)
  • 8NEW: $8 OFF (New users only)
  • EAT40: 40% OFF (Min. spend $40)
  • $5 OFF LiHO (Min. spend $15 until 23rd Mar)
  • 15% OFF (Self pick-up only)

2. FoodPanda

Photo: @foodpandasg (Instagram)
  • 7OFF: $7 OFF (New users only until 31st Jun)
  • HIGH5: $5 OFF (Min. spend $10 until 31st Mar)
  • SGFCKFC: 50% OFF KFC (New users only, min. spend $10 until 31st Mar)
  • NEW50: 50% OFF first order (Until 31st Mar)
  • STAYSAFELAH: Free Delivery (Pay with DBS PayLah!, min. spend $25. Limited redemptions until 31st Mar)
  • DBSMARCC/DBSMARDC: $10/5 OFF (Pay using DBS PayLah!, 1 redemption per user valid till 31st Mar)
  • UOBMAR: $6 OFF UOB (Min. spend of $30 until 31st Mar, new users only and 2 redemptions per user)
  • CITIPU: $8 Off Pick-Up CITI (Min. spend $15 valid till 31st Mar)
  • CITIFD: Free Delivery CITI (Min. spend $25 until 31st Mar)
  • 7OFFMART: $7 OFF Pandamart & Pandanow only (Min. spend $15 until 31st Mar)
  • LIHO20: 20% OFF LiHO (Min. spend $19, 3 redemptions per user until 31st Mar)

3. Deliveroo

Photo: @deliveroo_sg (Instagram)
  • 4OFFMARXXXXXX: $4 OFF UOB (Min. spend $12 until 31st Mar)
  • 6OFFMARXXXXXX: $6 OFF UOB (Min. Spend $30 until 31st Mar)
  • UOBNEWTOROO: $4 OFF UOB (Valid for first 3 orders until 31st Mar)
  • HSBSNEW2020: 50% OFF HSBC (Min. spend $12 on first 3 orders within 21 days, until 31st Dec)

4. WhyQ

Photo: @whyqsg (Instagram)
  • FIRST5: $5 OFF First Meal (New users only, min. spend $5 until 31st Dec)
  • WHYQNUS: $5 OFF (NUS Frontier & Deck canteen only)
  • DBSWHYQ: 10% OFF DBS Cardholders (for returning users only)
  • 10FOR25: $10 OFF (Min. spend of $25 until 31st Dec)

5. McDonald’s

Photo: @mcdsg (Instagram)
  • 1LFRIES: Free Large Fries (Min. spend of $14, 12 p.m. to 3:45 a.m.)
  • FREE1HB: Free Hashbrown (Min. spend $14, 4 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.)
  • OREOMCF1: Free Oreo McFlurry (Min. spend $19, 12 p.m. to 3:45 a.m.)

6. KFC

Photo: @kfc_sg (Instagram)
  • 11BUCKET: $11 Chicken & Tenders (Delivery only, includes 4Pcs Chicken & 6Pcs Tender)

7. Pizza Hut

Photo: @pizzahut_sg (Instagram)
  • OCBC10: 10% OFF OCBC (Min. spend $50 until 31st Mar)

Delivery Promo Codes For March!

Enjoy yourselves while you stay in and at the same time, take this opportunity to spend more quality time with your loved ones!

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